Watch A Rare 8mm Footage Of New York Dolls At The Whiskey A Go Go in 1973

Watch A Rare 8mm Footage Of New York Dolls At The Whiskey A Go Go in 1973 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Alabaster Jones/ Youtube

The New York Dolls were establishing themselves as the undisputed masters of a darker, edgier brand of glam rock, despite the terrible reception their self-titled debut album received outside of New York.

By 1973, The New York Dolls had their most successful year. The band spent two years honing their sound and reputation in New York City before signing a record deal and landing Todd Rundgren as their producer. They accompanied Mott the Hoople as supporting acts, yet occasionally, they headline shows for themselves. One show in Los Angeles, in fact, has rare live footage that we could all take a look at below.

With one notable exception, the Dolls’ original lineup performed that night; Arthur Kane, the band’s bassist, had fractured his arm in the preceding weeks, thus a replacement had to be found. Peter Jordan, a roadie for the band, stepped in for Kane and even wore the bassist’s signature garment. They played the fabled Whisky a Go Go club, where any performer was practically guaranteed instant stardom.

The Dolls tear through some of their debut album’s staples, including “Trash,” “Looking for a Kiss,” “Jet Boy,” and even a rendition of “Pills” by Bo Diddley. Both “Who Are The Mystery Girls” and a cover of “Hootchie Coochie Man” by Muddy Waters, which would appear on the band’s sophomore album Too Much Too Soon, is performed as well.

Watch The New York Dolls’ performance here.