Watch A Cool Acoustic Version Of “Pink” by Aerosmith

Watch A Cool Acoustic Version Of “Pink” by Aerosmith | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Steven Tyler plays the harmonica intro for the Pink acoustic performance in Howard Stern's show, 1997 - The Howard Stern Show / Youtube

Aerosmith’s 1997 Nine Lives hit “Pink” became controversial for the rather explicit music video when it was released. The bizarre representation doesn’t discredit the guilty pleasure of a song it is, though. The curiously Tom Petty-sounding track has a dash of intricate hooking melody, paired with Steven Tyler’s unique raspy vocals, makes for a lazy, hot-blooded track that’s a stray from the original Aerosmith sound, yet retaining that authenticity by the hairs. A Schrodinger’s song, if you may.

Let’s take a look back at the acoustic rendition by Steven Tyler and Joe Perry on The Howard Stern Show in 1997, when the song was at its promotional stage. Joined by Russ Irwin and Jason Paige for beatbox and backup vocals, the live quality meshed so well, that rich and gritty tone from the vocals, and a clear guitar progression is all you need for your daily Aerosmith fix. Click the video below to watch the awesome performance!