Vending Machine Gives You Free Beer If You’re A Good Guitarist

Vending Machine Gives You Free Beer If You’re A Good Guitarist | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via CBAustralia / Youtube

In a fusion of music and brews, a New Zealand brewery has introduced a beer vending machine that dispenses free beer to skilled guitar players.

Panhead Custom Ales, located in Wellington, New Zealand, has unveiled the Panhead “Slay to Pay” beer vending machine, turning the act of playing guitar into a unique way to enjoy a cold one at no cost.

Described as a “souped-up Guitar Hero for adults” by Rebecca Sinclair, the brand head at Panhead Custom Ales, the machine combines the thrill of playing guitar with the enjoyment of a refreshing beer.

“Introducing Panhead Slay to Pay,” a video on Instagram explains. “A world-first vending machine from little ol’ Aotearoa [New Zealand] that lets you pay for our beer by ‘slaying’ guitar.”

The mechanism operates much like popular guitar video games. The Panhead Slay to Pay features a customized Epiphone Explorer that interfaces with an AI algorithm to assess the player’s guitar skills. Successful participants are rewarded with a complimentary beer.

However, aspiring musicians should be prepared to showcase their best skills, as Slay to Pay sets a high standard for what it considers a great guitarist.

“The machine was the perfect combination of a couple of our favorite things, cold beer and really loud music,” Sinclair notes. “We gave it its first run [recently], and it turns out it’s pretty ruthless. It rejected some of the best guitarists in the country.”

This Guitar Beer Vending Machine is a unique attraction for bar patrons, offering a “first of its kind machine with some pretty cool new tech and the best kind of reward for those willing to give it a go,” according to Sinclair. “No one has done this before.”

At Panhead Custom Ales, scoring free beer doesn’t require a band or a formal gig—just a remarkable ability to play the guitar. Check out a demonstration of the vending machine in action to see the unique fusion of music and beer above.