Upcoming ‘Perhaps’ Single by Guns N’ Roses Leaked On Digital Jukeboxes

Upcoming ‘Perhaps’ Single by Guns N’ Roses Leaked On Digital Jukeboxes | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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In a surprising turn of events, the anticipation surrounding a new Guns N’ Roses track, “Perhaps,” took an unexpected twist. After a pre-save link briefly surfaced on Spotify and Apple Music through the Universal Music website, fans eagerly awaited the release on Friday, August 11th. However, the track was swiftly pulled down, leaving fans curious about its fate and official confirmation. What ensued was an accidental leak that left fans both excited and intrigued.

Reports from devoted fans have revealed that “Perhaps” managed to slip out into the world in an unconventional manner. The track was inadvertently revealed through digital TouchTunes jukeboxes located in various bars. Much to the delight of fans, the Guns N’ Roses discography featured on these jukeboxes now includes the new song, complete with its official single artwork. The accidental leak has stirred discussions and anticipation among the devoted GN’R community.

While the accidental leak added a layer of mystery to the track’s debut, what remains clear is that “Perhaps” will be or has been released through Geffen Records, the band’s longstanding label. Although an official statement from the band has yet to be issued, the accidental unveiling through the jukeboxes solidifies the song’s existence and its imminent or recent arrival.

The unexpected leak has created a sense of excitement and intrigue, igniting discussions among fans about the track’s place within the Guns N’ Roses catalog.