Upcoming Carlos Santana Documentary Set to Premiere in Theaters This Fall

Upcoming Carlos Santana Documentary Set to Premiere in Theaters This Fall | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Santana on MV / YouTube

Get ready for an exciting cinematic journey this fall with the upcoming documentary “Carlos: The Santana Journey.” The film, directed by Rudy Valdez, will hit theaters on Sept. 23, 24, and 27.

This captivating documentary offers fresh interviews with Carlos Santana, his family, and music industry insiders. Plus, you’ll be treated to exclusive archival footage and personal home videos that provide an intimate look into Santana’s life and career.

“Carlos: The Santana Journey Global Premiere” – Exploring Carlos Santana’s Life and Career

According to Kymberli Frueh, SVP of Programming and Content Acquisitions at Trafalgar Releasing, as stated in a press release:

“Carlos Santana is among the elite musicians who has transcended decades and generations. From his performance at Woodstock to his ’90s epic album Supernatural — this documentary delves into his journey of becoming one of our greatest guitar legends. We are thrilled to be a part of this global moment in cinemas where fans can experience his life story and music together.”

Santana’s Story: Shaping His Life Story on His Terms

Santana had a clear vision for the film depicting his life, stating:

“I want to own my own movie; I don’t want to have to ask your permission, later on, to show my movie in some other kind of form.” He emphasized his desire to be involved in shaping the entire narrative from start to finish. The agreement was sealed with Imagine [Documentaries] giving their approval, to which Santana responded with enthusiasm, “OK, then. Let’s do it.”

For those eager to experience the documentary, tickets will go on sale starting from August 24. This cinematic journey promises to offer an insightful look into Carlos Santana’s life, influenced by his own perspectives and participation in its creation.