Track-By-Track Guide To “Green River” by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Track-By-Track Guide To “Green River” by Creedence Clearwater Revival | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Roots rockers Creedence Clearwater Revival was on a roll just as the 1960s closed into its conclusion. A three-part release of the band was witnessed during 1969, spearheaded by the iconic Bayou Country which was released early on in the year. Green River followed next, continuing the Bayou vibe that the predecessor gave off, as John Fogerty refined his songwriting ability. Here are the tracks from this quintessential swampy goodness of a catalog.

“Green River”

The title track of the album has the band singing about the olden days of the Fogerty brothers, setting up an image for a place they once frequented. The Bayou sound is continued from the previous record, with the gritty guitars and John’s equally-delightful vocals carrying the tune effectively.


“Green River” is immediately taken up a notch with the indulgent country-rock arrangement of “Commotion”. The track has some tinge of Johnny Cash in it but amplified by a glorious rock upgrade.

“Tombstone Shadow”

This track evokes a blues-rock feel that was already a major staple in the musical landscape back then. Complete with hearty blues licks and riffs by a searing guitar, “Tombstone Shadow” provides a sane transition onto the next track.

“Wrote A Song For Everyone” 

“Wrote A Song For Everyone” paces the album with a slower, more folksy arrangement. Its simmering quality is a rightful bookend to the album’s first side.

“Bad Moon Rising”

The second side starts off with the menacing vibe of the gritty rocker, “Bad Moon Rising”. There’s just something about the progression that has you wanting to move your body to the music, albeit the grim message of the lyrics.


Probably the best cut on the album, “Lodi” is a glimpse of the American life without any kind of pretense at all, the simple lyrics effectively painting vivid imagery of it all. The folk arrangement helped further the record to a great extent as well.

“Cross-Tie Walker”

The track is straight-up country goodness that isn’t all too original in sound but still ties with the album pretty well, with Stu Cook’s bassline doing wonders for the song.

“Sinister Purpose”

“Sinister Purpose” is another rocker in the catalog that allows the melding of psychedelic influences with the roots base of CCR’s sound. This track is one of the heavier cuts of the album, as it nears its conclusion.

“The Night Time Is The Right Time”

This track is a throwback to the earlier years of rock, as it associates itself with the style thanks to the doo-wop implementation and boogie-woogie influence.