Top 7 Stevie Nicks Songs

Top 7 Stevie Nicks Songs | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Stevie Nicks for the Live In Chicago stint, 2008 - Stevie Nicks / Youtube

Stevie Nicks’s extensive career as one of the rock queens in the industry has seen a fair share of ups and downs, especially in her time with Fleetwood Mac. From creative differences, to strewn fragments of relationships, Nicks’ music has taken inspiration from her interactions and struggles, with an ability to turn melancholic poetry into a musical roller-coaster with her beguiling siren’s voice.

Still, Stevie Nicks’ solo career proved just as successful as her time with Mac, as evidenced by her 2nd induction into the Rock HoF. She proved the industry she didn’t need a band to shine, one which was weighing her down at the time. Let us reminisce the best songs of Stevie Nicks’ solo career with our list below.

Planets of the Universe” – Trouble in Shangri-La (2001)

While the song was released in 2001, it was originally meant to be part of the 1977 Fleetwood Mac album, Rumours, but was kept as a demo on the extended version. Nicks re-released it in 2001, and piqued the curiosity of fans due to the content pertaining to ex-lover Lindsey Buckingham. It has the nostalgic clarity and chime to it, refreshed by elements of electronic music for an innovated spin of what was supposed to be a classic hit.

“Blue Denim” – Street Angel (1994)

Recorded by the time she left Fleetwood Mac, despite Street Angel being a disappointment and her substance abuse problems at the time, it managed to churn out this elegant gem of a track. Another Buckingham-inspired song, the catchy hook and circular guitar riffs give a unique charm that captures Nicks’ in her prime moments.

For What It’s Worth” – In Your Dreams (2011)

A rich, well-placed tribute for friend Tom Petty, who helped Nicks start her solo career, the song tells the story of an old-fashioned artist through the eyes of a new era. This poignant homage is another testament to Nicks’ charm as a soloist.

I Can’t Wait” – Rock a Little (1985)

Written as a sort of serendipitous find after listening to an electronic drum track by friend Rick Nowles, Nicks amazingly managed to record the song in one fell swoop, in the midst of a bout of cocaine addiction. The manic progression and her bewitching vocals give the track a seriously infectious jive.

Rooms On Fire” – The Other Side of the Mirror (1989)

Brought on by another romantic excursion, the track contains references to the mystic arts, nature, and self-implication that is stirred by an ethereal melodic arrangement. The catchy chorus only begins to capture the Nicks signature feel, a testament to how musings of a hot-blooded romance can create such wonderful expressions.

Stand Back” – The Wild Heart (1983)

With Prince’s “Little Red Corvette” as inspiration, the funky track was penned by Nicks on her wedding with Kim Anderson. It even gained the approval of the Purple One, who played the guitar on it, though uncredited. The catchy synth progression and steady tempo gives the sultry disco track its charm.

Edge of Seventeen” –  Bella Donna (1981)

A real rocker from start to finish, the muted guitar intro paired with powerful vocals allows for a brooding buildup that feels good down to the bone, one would not imagine the song coming from a casual conversation with Tom Petty’s wife. This fearless allusion to death brought on the added grit that made the song one of Nicks’ most memorable hits.