Top 5 Classic Rock Bassist that Stood the Test of Time

Top 5 Classic Rock Bassist that Stood the Test of Time | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Bass is the most underrated instrument of all time, yet it is a core essential to creating a perfectly good song. While they may be underestimated, the bass instrument is among the most complex in the world. To be recognized as one of the top bassists in classic rock, you need to have a lot of talent and play some very incredible lines.

The Who’s John Entwistle

The Who delivers some of the most iconic songs, thanks to Entwistle’s greatness to twist songs in an assertive manner. He gives the bass the respect it deserves, as a full instrument that won’t be pushed about by the others. Bass, to some, may seem like little more than background noise, but Entwistle disagrees.

The Beatles’ Paul McCartney

No one could do it like how Paul McCartney does the bass. A left-handed player, he innovatively changed the strings of his bass to fit his skills in playing it. After the Beatles disbanded in the ‘70s, Paul McCartney emerged as one of the most successful solo artists of all time.

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters

You cannot talk about bass without mentioning the greatness of Roger Waters. He was best known for his creative control for the band’s most successful album, The Dark Side of the Moon. He left the band in 1985, but his popularity as a bass player remained high because of his unique playing style.

Rush’s Geddy Lee

Geddy Lee is the master of multi-tasking instruments onstage, playing bass and keyboards, all while singing. He has a strong voice befitting a legend that complements his distinctive bass lines.

Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones

Before Jones joined the most iconic band in history, he was well-known as one of the best bassists in New England. He was the backbone of Led Zeppelin, which made them so famous for Jones’s skills in playing the instrument.