Top 5 Chicago Love Songs

Top 5 Chicago Love Songs | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Music corresponds to the language of love. While there are a lot of contenders to choose from the love category in classic rock, there’s an outstanding group that dominated the most out of its dwelling: Chicago. Starting the end of the 60s as an experimental rock band, Chicago then transitioned to a soft, soulful power ballad thereafter with Peter Cetera’s amicable vocals. Below are the top 5 greatest Chicago love songs that you need to know.


“What Kind Of Man Would I Be?” – Chicago 19 (1988)

Written by Jason Scheff, Bobby Caldwell, and Chas Sandford, the song merely talks about the breakup between the two people in a relationship which gives the person time to reflect. There are two versions released for this song— the original has the introductory guitar melody from the Chicago 19 album and the remix, with Scheff’s alluring voice right at the beginning. The latter was released in the group’s Greatest Hits album.

“Happy Man” – Chicago VII (1974)

“Happy Man” appeared to be out-of-place in Chicago VII, but the song placing at the end of side two to this double LP seemed to be the right choice. The jazz foundation of this song is phenomenal, albeit not the best one from the group. But Cetera’s voice makes up most of its sincere feeling.

“I Don’t Wanna Live Without Your Love” – Chicago 19 (1988)

The first Chicago single to feature Bill Champlin as the lead vocals, “I Don’t Wanna Live Without Your Love” explores a natural touch of the traditional power ballad that leans on the commerciality. The song also modifies a brief horn section.

“Just You ‘N’ Me” – Chicago VI (1973)

This sweet ballad is written by James Pankow after an argument with his fiancée. Alongside the beautifully crafted song’s lyrics, is Peter Cetera’s harmonious vocals that show the right feeling of love. It’s the highest chart-topping hit of the Chicago VI album and is widely considered as the greatest love song from the group.

“You’re The Inspiration” – Chicago 17 (1984)

The song that catapulted the band to a new generation of fans “You’re The Inspiration” is a classic song for all ages. The pop goodness that surrounds the song is clean and simple, but the impact on its listeners is spectacular. It’s a feel-good ballad that definitely deserves all the praise.