Tom Petty Featured In The Upcoming Biggest Video Game “Grand Theft Auto VI”

Tom Petty Featured In The Upcoming Biggest Video Game “Grand Theft Auto VI” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers / YouTube

As excitement builds for the much-anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI, rock legend Tom Petty takes center stage with his timeless track “Love Is a Long Road,” featured in the game’s trailer. Set to hit screens in 2025, the sixth installment of the GTA franchise promises an immersive experience, amplified by the iconic sounds of Petty’s music.

In the trailer, Petty’s distinctive voice accompanies the visuals, creating a synergy that captures the essence of Grand Theft Auto’s unique gaming universe. A poignant moment unfolds as a digitized “Petty Forever” sticker graces one scene, paying homage to the enduring legacy of the legendary artist.

‘Love Is a Long Road’s’ Connection to the Open Road

Originally released on Petty’s 1989 solo album, Full Moon Fever, “Love Is a Long Road” carries a special connection to the world of motor vehicles. Several members of Petty’s Heartbreakers band, including guitarist and co-writer Mike Campbell, played a vital role in its creation. Campbell shared the inspiration behind the song, revealing its ties to the experience of riding his motorcycle.

“I was really into that frame of mind,” Campbell expressed [via Rolling Stone]. “This feels like a motorcycle shifting gears.”

The journey of recording the song began with Petty and Campbell working on it during the absence of producer Jeff Lynne.

“When [Lynne] came back, he helped us straighten it out. He really was the one who made it work,” Petty reflected in 2005’s Conversations With Tom Petty. “And Jim Keltner played the drums. But it was basically, musically, Mike’s idea. I wrote all the melody and the lyrics to it. And then all of us had a hand in the arrangement. It’s a really good one. We still play that a lot.”

As fans eagerly await the release of Grand Theft Auto VI, the inclusion of “Love Is a Long Road” adds a melodic layer to the anticipation, promising an unforgettable gaming experience with the soulful sounds of Tom Petty guiding the way.