This Is What Classic Rock Sounds Like In 2018

This Is What Classic Rock Sounds Like In 2018 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via PIT FLIKS/YouTube

What A Jam!

Greta Van Fleet lives up to their hype mostly because they’re not your average rock band. It’s not about them being the Next Led Zeppelin or the next anything for that matter. It’s the fact that their sound and style reminds us of what real music sounds like – it makes us nostalgic and long for the simpler days when classic rock tunes dominated the radio. We live for that era.

And what makes them more important is how they’re keeping this genre alive at a time when hip-hop and trashy pop are all that we see on MTV. They have this raw sound that’s kind of missing in today’s music.

“Sometimes with a lot of those people who have that power in their voice it’s all about their attitude and their vocal prowess. But I’m mostly interested in creating something that’s melodic. That’s what gets me about music: when melody takes you somewhere and makes you feel something.” – Vocalist Josh Kiszka

And you know what else separates Greta Van Fleet from today’s musicians? They slay their live performances – we can’t say the same for those who rely mostly on auto-tunes. And they got their seal of approval from other artists like Slash and Elton John. Besides, they already had sold-out shows too so you know, these guys mean business and they know what the audience craves for.

“We have certain debut records that are like benchmarks to us—Van Halen’s first record, Zeppelin’s first, even the Black Crowes’ Shake Your Money Maker. Those records really seemed to sum up each band so well. Those albums are like the gold standard, and they give us something to shoot for. It’s like, ‘Can we be that good?’” – Jake Kiszka

You gotta love this band. They know how to leave a massive impression. But maybe let’s stop comparing them to others. The fact that they keep rock ‘n roll alive is more than enough. Just check out their live performance below.