Thin Lizzy’s ‘Cold Sweat’ Performance In 1983 Is A Gift To Every Fan

Thin Lizzy’s ‘Cold Sweat’ Performance In 1983 Is A Gift To Every Fan | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via rockerrob61 / Youtube

Relive Thin Lizzy’s glory days with their incredible performance of “Cold Sweat” The video can be seen below.

Here’s the thing about Thin Lizzy: they can easily pull off any style they could think of. They were in it for changing influences; Blues, soul, psychedelic rock, and traditional Irish folk music are all reflected in their sound, yet they are most often categorized as hard rock or even heavy metal. This is why it’s amazing to see them work miracles as they performed “Cold Sweat” on stage.

“Cold Sweat” is the sixth track on their last studio album, Thunder and Lightning. It was composed by guitarist John Sykes and singer/songwriter Phil Lynott and became the album’s most successful single, reaching No. 28 in the UK and No. 23 in Ireland. Sykes’ guitar solo in this song is legendary for introducing the then-trendy tapping playing style to the masses.

The song was said to be one good example of the band trying to fit into the heavy metal perspective, that even producer Chris Tsangarides said in an interview that it’s a bit “heavy” for them. Nevertheless, “heavy” shouldn’t be a thing to get worried about, most especially if you have a group as good and daring as Thin Lizzy.

Watch the band’s January 1983 performance of the song inside the UK TV Program, The Tube, here.