There’s Only One Woman David Lee Roth Will Submit To

There’s Only One Woman David Lee Roth Will Submit To | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via David Lee Roth / Youtube

In a recent episode of his YouTube show, ‘The Roth Show,’ David Lee Roth discussed the subject of spit. The ex-Van Halen frontman expressed his belief that there are specific situations where spit is appropriate. To illustrate his point, he recounted an encounter with a girl he met at the Electric Daisy Carnival, explaining that he would unquestionably comply with any request she made, including spitting.

“In fact, I’m going to illustrate the time we were at the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. We were standing in front, waiting for the helicopter to arrive. A young lady comes walking by, she’s got my hair cut, or I have her hair cut, and we’re interviewing people just scattered great looking gal, so I danced up to her, and I said, ‘Oh my God, I think I just borrowed your haircut.’”

David Lee Roth Reflects on the Power of a Brief Encounter

Former Van Halen frontman, opened up about his thoughts on spitting, revealing a surprising change of heart. Despite his frequent complaints about the act, Roth recounted a momentary meeting with a girl at the Electric Daisy Carnival that would have unquestionably altered his perception of spitting.

Recalling the encounter, Roth shared:

“We interviewed her for 14 seconds, and she got called away. I knew her for 14 seconds, and I knew right away in my mind unconsciously, subconsciously, and right up front in the medulla oblongata that if she came up to me and asked me in that adorable accent, she said, ‘David Lee, I want a French kiss you, and I’m going to warn you in advance there’s going to be some spit involved,’ I would not have thought for a f*cking second neither would you.”

David Lee Roth Reveals Unconventional Insurance Policy for ‘Little Elvis’

the interview, Roth disclosed an unusual insurance policy he had taken out for his private part, affectionately referred to as ‘Little Elvis,’ for a staggering sum of $1 million.

Reflecting on the insurance discussion within Van Halen, Roth shared:

“Somebody said, ‘We’ll have to insure Edward’s fingers because he will be using those a lot on the road. And Alex Van Halen’s elbows, you know. Drummers use their elbows a lot; we’re going to have to insure those elbows because he’s going to be using those a lot.’ And I said, ‘What about Little Elvis? We’re going to be using him a lot.'”

Roth’s remark sheds light on his unique sense of humor and his willingness to embrace unconventional topics. To gain further insight into his views on spitting, viewers can watch his explanation on ‘The Roth Show,’ along with the Huff Post Live interview clip below.