The Underrated Songs From Each John Lennon Album

The Underrated Songs From Each John Lennon Album | I Love Classic Rock Videos

John Lennon – el perro beatle /YouTube

John Lennon will always remain legendary in the annals of rock history, and his songs will forever be embedded in this world that badly needs his philosophical wisdom. Beyond the quintessential songs, therein lies his most underrated tracks post-Beatles career. Take a look at the eight underrated songs from the maestro’s legacy.

“Oh My Love” Imagine (1971)

It’s hard to imagine underrated songs from the Imagine album, yet here we are with “Oh My Love”. Fellow ex-Beatle George Harrison contributed to this song as well as the other songs from the album, channeling the “Happiness Is A Warm Gun” and “Julia” from the White album feels.

“I Don’t Wanna Face It” – Milk and Honey (1983)

As absurd as it seems, it somehow makes sense knowing that John Lennon is behind this absurdity. But let’s face it, no matter how much nonsense this guy could potentially release during his lifetime, we’d still want to admire it for what it is.

“I Found Out” – Plastic Ono Band (1970)

Plastic Ono Band album is the instant definition of Lennon’s magical moment outside the Beatles. The wonderful songs clipped inside were oh so magical, and “I Found Out” turned out to be the unrecognizable one, hiding behind the blankets of the other prominent songs from the album.

“Out the Blue”Mind Games (1972)

Mind Games was the introduction to Lennon’s “lost weekend”, wherein the amicable split between him and Yoko Ono drove him into a spiraling mood of chaotic uncertainty. But “Out the Blue” contained a deep meaning, and it showed the listeners how awful the guy must’ve felt after leaving the love of his life.

“You Can’t Catch Me” – Rock and Roll (1975)

The countless lawsuits against Lennon for “undoubtedly” copying Chuck Berry’s “You Can’t Catch Me” on his “Come Together” contribution to the Beatles, was finally settled when the opposition asked Lennon to provide a cover version from Berry’s original. “You Can’t Catch Me” by Lennon might not be the best version there is, but it’s certainly worth a listen.

“Nobody Loves You (When You’re Down and Out)” – Walls and Bridges (1974)

Well, Lennon might’ve thought once that when he dies, the whole world would turn against him for some reason. But after he died, even until now we can still feel his binding presence through his songs. Such impact might cause the ironic touch of this song, but that only proves that his legacy will remain with us forever.

“New York City” – Some Time in New York City (1972)

John Lennon made some large enemies that interfered with his move to the big apple, but it nevertheless inspired him to write a contemporary song about it. One of Lennon’s most underrated tracks from the album, it was reported as a sequel to his “The Ballad of John and Yoko”, but with the New York musings.

“I’m Losing You” – Double Fantasy (1980)

Double Fantasy contained some pretty good songs reflecting on his life. One, in particular, was this song, that orderly reflected the relationship he has with Yoko Ono when he lost her during his “lost weekend” moment. It also was a reflection of the loss of his mother.