The Story Of The Stevie Nicks Song That Got Lost For Over 30 Years

The Story Of The Stevie Nicks Song That Got Lost For Over 30 Years | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Stevie Nicks, the enchanting voice of Fleetwood Mac, has captivated audiences with her poetic lyricism and unapologetic style. As a defining figure in the music industry, Nicks’ influence extends beyond her band’s iconic hits. Amongst the celebrated songs on the acclaimed album “Rumours,” there lies a hidden gem, ‘Secret Love.’ This forgotten track, originally intended for “Rumours,” resurfaced after more than three decades, showcasing Nicks’ unparalleled talent and the serendipitous nature of music discovery.

Lost and Rediscovered: The Journey of ‘Secret Love’

Amidst the chart-topping success of “Rumours,” ‘Secret Love’ lay dormant, tucked away in the archives of Stevie Nicks’ musical history. The song, written in 1976, was initially meant to grace the iconic album but ended up sidelined and forgotten. It wasn’t until 2011, while piecing together works for her seventh studio album, “In Your Dreams,” that Nicks rediscovered the long-lost gem.

She recounted the revelation to The Ventura County Star, saying:

“I must’ve misplaced the cassette. It’s kind of been lost for 30 years.”

Nicks added:

“I pulled songs from 1976 that I don’t know why in the world did not go in the first Fleetwood Mac album. I had one of my backup singers, my sister-in-law Lori, go to Phoenix and the storage vault where all of our old cassettes are. […] It’s kind of been lost for 30 years.”

A Testament to Nicks’ Artistry: ‘Secret Love’ Unveiled

With ‘Secret Love’ finally unearthed, Nicks showcased the track’s powerful emotional resonance. The song, evocatively sung by Nicks during her “Rumours” era, captures the essence of love’s ephemeral nature, finding solace in a fleeting affection. The music video accompanying the song pays homage to Nicks’ iconic style, featuring her, alongside Dave Stewart and Mick Fleetwood, performing in her Los Angeles home and backyard. Nicks’ goddaughter dons a vintage dress she wore in 1976, and Nicks herself is seen in her signature ‘Rhiannon’ black chiffon dress and top hat while swinging a baton.

The Impact of ‘In Your Dreams’: Rekindling Interest in ‘Secret Love’

“In Your Dreams,” released in 2011, served as Nicks’ personal “Rumours,” rekindling interest in her music and her indelible legacy. ‘Secret Love’ found its rightful place on the album, captivating listeners with its emotional depth and infectious melodies. Despite being a long-lost treasure, the track debuted on the US Billboard charts at number 20, gaining widespread attention from both dedicated fans and new listeners.

Listen to the song below: