The Story Of Ronnie Wood and Keith Moon’s First Meeting

The Story Of Ronnie Wood and Keith Moon’s First Meeting | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Ronnie Wood, known for his legendary role in The Rolling Stones, has left an indelible mark on the world of rock music. His exceptional guitar skills and charismatic persona have garnered him a circle of famous friends, with one of the most striking relationships being his bond with The Who’s iconic drummer, Keith Moon. Their first meeting, however, was far from ordinary.

An Encounter Like No Other

Long before Ronnie Wood officially joined forces with Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones in 1975, he was making waves in the British rock scene. During his early days with his band The Birds, a fateful encounter brought him face to face with the enigmatic Keith Moon. This meeting, marked by Moon’s larger-than-life antics, laid the foundation for an unforgettable friendship.

“Moony used to come up and jam with us when we were in The Birds,” recounted Ronnie Wood.

A Wild Ride Begins

Recalling their first interaction, Wood reminisced:

“I always used to say to him: ‘Keith, you’re only supposed to take one Valium, not the whole jumbo bottle.’ He used to do that with uppers and downers, take the whole lot.”

Amid their early escapades, Moon introduced Wood to Mandrax, a powerful sedative. Wood recounted:

“He gave me my first Mandrax when they first came out – when they were really powerful. He said: ‘Take two of these.’ We were in the Speakeasy.”

Wood’s recounting took a more dramatic turn as he shared a story of an adventure that could only be orchestrated by Moon himself.

“I had my Jaguar XK150 outside… I ended up driving straight over Marble Arch and straight over Hyde Park without going round. I ended up in a mews with just enough room to get the car in and no one could get out.”

Moon’s influence had taken Wood on a whirlwind journey that left him in a perplexing predicament.

Moon’s Charm and Eccentricity

Despite Moon’s eccentric behavior, Wood found a way to bring him into the fold of his family. The drummer’s antics, as bizarre as they were, could be masked by his charming demeanor. “He used to lead me astray, but my mum used to think he was a gentleman. He used to put a smoking jacket and cravat on and serve her brandy and she would say: ‘What a polite gentleman that Keith Moon is.'” Wood’s humorous retelling encapsulates the dual nature of Moon’s character – the wild rock star and the seemingly polite gentleman.

The story of Ronnie Wood and Keith Moon’s first meeting stands as a testament to the unpredictable nature of rock ‘n’ roll friendships. Moon’s influence left an imprint on Wood, showcasing how the world of music can unite even the most unconventional personalities. From Moon’s madcap antics to his charming moments, their unique bond remains an emblem of the wild spirit of rock music.

As we look back on this tale, it’s a reminder that sometimes the most unexpected friendships are the ones that leave the most lasting impressions.

Watch Moon and Wood present an award at the 1977 American Music Awards here.