The Story Behind “Try and Love Again” By Eagles

The Story Behind “Try and Love Again” By Eagles | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Heartbreak may be a severe and debilitating emotional setback that makes us forget what’s important and give in to our worst fears. It’s critical to be reminded from time to time that life goes on even in the wake of a devastating love loss.

Thankfully, the Eagles provide just that with their moving song “Try and Love Again.”

This track goes beyond being just a catchy tune; it has a strong, uplifting vibe that can mend broken hearts and give listeners a fresh perspective. It might provide us comfort and a fresh perspective on our own resiliency to pause and listen to this classic song from the Hotel California album.

Let’s examine the song’s deep significance by delving into its lyrics, which will illuminate the common experience of looking for love again.

Hotel California’s hidden gem

Tucked away toward the end of the legendary Hotel California is this final song written by the late Eagles bassist Randy Meisner while he was still with the South Californian rockers. Though it has become a hidden gem today, back in 1976 it was praised by then-current critics who thought it was the album’s best track.

“Try And Love Again” is a better song than Meisner’s signature song, the concert staple “Take It To The Limit”, since it is a true reflection of Randy’s unique artistic style. However, the latter has become more popular due to its famous soaring vocals.

All credit for this song is solely Randy’s; neither Don Henley nor Glenn Frey are mentioned in conversation. Its lyrics, which are full of hope, purity, and tenderness, make it stand out as an example of Randy’s own musical style.

Though it had all the elements to become a hit song, the song’s path veered off course and it stayed relatively unknown, staying off the ubiquitous radio airwaves—unlike its title track. Looking back, this may have been a good thing after all—it kept the song real and kept it from being overdone, which kept its sincere, emotional appeal.

A song about finding love again

As a song he solely penned—something that rarely happens in Eagles—Meisner took the lead in “Try And Love Again”. Meisner opens the song with a moving metaphor that emphasizes the feeling of being lost and alone without love.

He sings with a deep sense of meaning, “Like a circle goes around / You were lost until you found out / What it all comes down to, he sings.”

And as Meisner rediscovers love, the song’s chorus represents a turning point in his emotional journey. The lyrics, “She was dancing right in time / And the moves she made so fine,” capture the revitalizing spirit of a newly discovered love.

Meisner is at a loss on whether to stay in the relationship or end it because she has the opportunity to start a new one. The issue remains, though: Would a second chance at love be successful this time?

Embracing a feeling that can never be stopped

Strangely, the song doesn’t offer a conclusive response to the question. But in the end, Meisner decides to give in to the seductive pull of love, maybe realizing that giving in to its charms is inevitable.

After all, it is pointless to try to fight against such a strong and all-consuming feeling since once love begins to seep in, it can never be stopped.

The song explores the uncertainties that come with seeking new beginnings in matters of the heart, painting a moving image of the complex dance between love and decision-making. 

Meisner’s reflective trip and the Eagles’ melodic musical backdrop combine to create a timeless song that inspires listeners to consider the ebb and flow of love that permeates the human experience.