The Story Behind Huey Lewis’ Life Most Fans Don’t Know

The Story Behind Huey Lewis’ Life Most Fans Don’t Know | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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In the 1980s, a lot of people could testify how just how spectacular Huey Lewis and the News was. Their career was marked by a succession of singles that are still played on the radio and many platinum albums thanks to the group’s catchy, pop rock and Lewis’ unique vocal stylings and harmonica talents. But like any artist there is, Lewis was bombarded with serious problems that continued on for so many years. Below, we’ll delve on the untold story of Huey Lewis’ life.

  • He was a child of a broken family: Born as Hugh Anthony Gregg III, Huey Lewis was a child of musician parents. When he was 11-12 years old, his parents got divorced; nevertheless, his talent remained as his parents still encouraged him to pursue music.
  • Lewis took some time off college to explore travelling around the world: He lived the life of a hitchhiker, and there were unpleasant stories that surrounded it. At one point, he lost his passport, had no more money to spend, and is often unsuccessful in his hitchhiking endeavors. Thankfully, a group of Seville art students found him and was incredibly impressed with his harmonica skills, that they adopted him for the night and performed a pretty big concert later on.
  • He lost his hearing in his right ear: At some point in 1987, Huey Lewis experienced a complete loss of hearing in his right ear. As he was at the pinnacle of his profession, this was a bit of an issue. However, upon finding out that he wasn’t the only musician who experienced this (Brian Wilson similarly had a problem), he gradually adjusted to the situation.
  • Sadly, his hearing problems would worsen later on: Back in 2018, inside one of Lewis’ concerts, he’s had trouble getting a pitch or even hearing his own voice. It turns out, he became diagnosed with “roaring tinnitus,” and would come and go depending on the day.
  • He became depressed and suicidal after his 2nd hearing loss: “There was nothing I could do. I’d just lay in bed and contemplate my demise,” he told Rolling Stone. Lewis was so traumatized by the ordeal that he contemplated ending his own life. Fortunately, the artist has accepted his condition and is still seeking medical advice on how to manage it.
  • He divorced his wife of six years: It’s a well-known fact that a musician’s relationship isn’t always a thing that’s built to last forever. He married his wife in 1983, had two children with her, then got divorced in 1989. They’re still friends though, the musician admits.
  • He’s faced several lawsuits in his life: As a successful artist, those people who surround would often drag you down. This is especially true from Huey Lewis, who’s had some time spent at the court for legal battles. These battles would be the Ray Parker Jr. case and Montana Stream Access Law case.