The Sad Facts About Steppenwolf Members

The Sad Facts About Steppenwolf Members | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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The 1960s and 1970s were a time of great musical revolution, with iconic bands like Steppenwolf shaping the rock ‘n’ roll landscape. Known for their hits like “Born to be Wild,” the band had a tumultuous journey, and the lives of its members were not without their share of heartbreak. Let’s delve into the sad facts surrounding some Steppenwolf members and remember the legendary musicians who left a lasting impact on the music world.

Andy Chapin’s Tragic Plane Crash

Andy Chapin, the talented keyboard player for Steppenwolf during “Hour of the Wolf,” faced a devastating end to his life. After leaving the band, Chapin joined Ricky Nelson’s band, but fate had a cruel twist in store. In a New Year’s Eve plane crash in 1985, six lives, including Chapin’s, were tragically lost. Chapin had expressed concerns about the plane’s safety, as engine trouble had been a recurring issue. His sister-in-law shared his worries, stating, “He didn’t want to go on that airplane. He didn’t trust it.”

Nick St. Nicholas: From Success to Struggles

Nick St. Nicholas, the bassist of Steppenwolf, experienced a rollercoaster ride of success and hardship. Initially lambasting frontman John Kay for firing band members, St. Nicholas eventually faced his own dismissal. After a series of lawsuits and financial troubles, he found himself in a dire situation. However, the biker community in Minneapolis provided him with support and helped him overcome his dark times. St. Nicholas remains grateful for their assistance, acknowledging, “They picked me up when I was down.”

Jerry Edmonton’s Mysterious Passing

Drummer Jerry Edmonton played a significant role in Steppenwolf’s success, contributing not only as a drummer but also as a songwriter and singer. However, details surrounding his untimely death in a car accident in 1993 remain mysterious. Despite his pivotal role in the band’s history, there is little information available about the accident, and no evident obituary to commemorate his passing.

Goldy McJohn’s Heartbreaking Passing

Goldy McJohn, the renowned keyboardist of Steppenwolf, left a profound impact on the band’s sound and success. His sudden death due to a major heart attack in 2017 left the music world mourning. Still actively performing until his last days, McJohn’s passing was a shock to fans and fellow musicians. His wife, Sonja McJohn, shared a heartfelt tribute, expressing her deep loss. John Kay, while acknowledging past differences, paid tribute to Goldy’s talent, recognizing that Steppenwolf wouldn’t have been the same without him.