The Rolling Stones Actually Wrote One Of KISS’ Hits

The Rolling Stones Actually Wrote One Of KISS’ Hits | I Love Classic Rock Videos

The Rolling Stones live in 1989 - The Rolling Stones / Youtube

KISS were many things and they masterfully handled their career by not copying anyone. Due in large part to Ace Frehley’s singular approach to the lead guitar and the band’s subsequent maximalist persona, the bad existed as a separate entity amongst their contemporaries.

But they did, for once, try imitating others. During the release of the Dynasty album in 1979, the band captured the attention of both young listeners and lusty adults. When KISS issued four solo albums on the same day in 1978 and featured in the TV movie Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park, the phenomenon of frenzied KISS fans reached its natural conclusion. It seemed impossible, yet KISS had managed to be both too huge and too absurd. Because of the film’s failure, the band members were eager to get back in touch with their rock & roll hearts while working on Dynasty. The only snag was that drummer Peter Criss had been in a car accident and was still healing from his injuries, so he couldn’t play drums or sing.

Frehley stepped up and sang lead on three songs, making this record the first time he has done so. Two were originals—“Hard Times” and “Save Your Love”—while the album’s second track, “2000 Man,” was an amplified rock cover of the Rolling Stones, who were a significant inspiration for Frehley.

“2000 Man” exemplifies the band’s avant-garde tendencies at the time, however, it was never a fan favorite and was never played live. If Frehley hadn’t found it and turned up the distortion, it probably would have been forgotten. Thankfully, we got to taste the best of both worlds of these two equally superb rock band in this KISS cover of “2000 Man” presented below.