The Rivalry Story Of The Beach Boys And The Beatles

The Rivalry Story Of The Beach Boys And The Beatles | I Love Classic Rock Videos

The Beatles and the Beach Boys - Jeffrey Stillwell / Youtube

Two unmistakable giants of rock music, The Beatles and The Beach Boys seemed like fruits borne out of the same tree. Though they portrayed a “similar” vibe of some sorts, one cannot deny the stark differences that drove a creative competition between the two groups. Even members like Paul McCartney and Brian Wilson admits that material from either band fueled a war of attrition on who could do one better (e.g. Rubber Soul inspired Pet Sounds).

The differences between these two big names were apparent as well. The Beach Boys clearly held the inspiration from doo-wop vocal groups of the past decade, as hinted by their perfectionist harmonies. Managed by the father of the Wilson Brothers, Murray Wilson, the group succumbed to his iron rule, with strict training regiments and rules imposed to preserve their image. They suffered under his management, who had a goal of manufacturing the perfect musical group of the era.

The Beatles were another thing. Four carefree, young lads who seemed to live in the moment appealed to the masses much better than a synthetic group without freedom. George Harrison said that their relationship as buddies from their early days helped them craft music unhindered, and saw no pressure under the eyes of the public in maintaining an image. While the Beach Boys were technical to the note, The Beatles were street-smart musicians. They barely knew complicated chords when they started, but this lack of knowledge drove a thirst to be quenched, resulting in avant-garde compositions that sat well on release.

While it might be hard for a straightforward comparison, as the two were apples to oranges, neither denied the influence each group had towards each other. This rivalry sparked between these two great groups ignited what was to be rock music’s greatest developments.

For a deep-dive of the clash between The Beatles versus the Beach Boys, click on the video below.