The Rejected Songs In The Beatles’ “White Album” Discovered

The Rejected Songs In The Beatles’ “White Album” Discovered | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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The making of The Beatles’ iconic “White Album” was a tumultuous and creatively abundant period for the band. With an extensive collection of new songs, the double album became a platform for each member’s individual musical expressions. However, not all songs made the final cut, and a number of hidden treasures were left behind in the cutting room.

Unearthing the Demos: Songs That Almost Made the Album

Amidst the intensive recording sessions, several initial jams and demos failed to secure a spot on The Beatles’ “White Album.” While some of these songs would later find a place on future albums, abbreviated versions of tracks like ‘Polythene Pam’ and ‘She Came In Through the Bathroom Window’ were initiated during these sessions but ultimately left out of the final selection.

George Harrison’s Bittersweet Journey

Despite George Harrison’s blossoming songwriting talent, some of his finest compositions were either rejected or overlooked by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. This led Harrison to offer songs like ‘Sour Milk Sea’ to Jackie Lomax for his rendition. Nonetheless, Harrison retained a few gems for his future solo projects:

Not Guilty‘ – This song found its place on Harrison’s eponymous solo album, undergoing a transformation from a ramshackle rocker to a plaintive acoustic ballad.

Circles‘ – Another Harrison creation, it appeared on the ’80s album “Gone Troppo,” acquiring a more theatrical essence while retaining its slightly sinister charm.

Lennon and McCartney’s Brush with Rejection

Even the legendary songwriting duo of Lennon and McCartney experienced occasional rejection during the “White Album” sessions. Lennon’s ‘Child of Nature,’ inspired by a lecture from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, underwent lyrical transformation to become ‘Jealous Guy’ on his “Imagine” album. McCartney, too, had songs that didn’t make the cut:

Junk‘ – McCartney’s acoustic piece, though attempted during the sessions, was ultimately reserved for his first solo endeavor.
‘Come and Get It’ – McCartney wrote this sure-fire hit and generously passed it on to Apple signing Badfinger, instructing them not to change anything about the demo he made.

Capturing the Band’s Dynamic and Tensions

The demos from the “White Album” sessions offer a glimpse into the creative tension and unique directions pursued by each band member before being stifled by the collective decisions. Amidst the disagreements, The Beatles maintained their sense of humor, as evident in the playful and unconventional track ‘What’s the New Mary Jane,’ later included in the Anthology series.

Legacy and Alternate Paths

Although some songs were rejected, each member of The Beatles managed to create their own masterpieces during this period. The Get Back documentary reveals Paul McCartney experimenting with songs that would become solo classics, such as ‘Another Day’ and ‘The Back Seat of My Car,’ while George Harrison explores his musical horizons with ‘All Things Must Pass.’

Rejected Songs in The Beatles’ “White Album”:

  • ‘Polythene Pam’
  • ‘She Came In Through the Bathroom Window’
  • ‘Sour Milk Sea’ (George Harrison)
  • ‘Child of Nature’ (John Lennon
  • ‘Junk’ (Paul McCartney)
  • ‘Circles’ (George Harrison)
  • ‘Not Guilty’ (George Harrison)
  • ‘What’s the New Mary Jane’ (All members)