The Reason Eric Clapton Was Monikered “Slow Hands”

The Reason Eric Clapton Was Monikered “Slow Hands” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

The world of music is teeming with legends, each crafting a unique mark in the tapestry of sound. These iconic musicians often find themselves adorned with nicknames, adding an extra layer of mystique to their persona. Among these luminaries stands Eric Clapton, a name synonymous with guitar virtuosity and musical brilliance. However, there’s a moniker that has etched itself alongside his true name—Slowhand. Delving into the origin of this intriguing nickname unveils a tale that intertwines humor, wordplay, and admiration.

A Mischievous Twist: The Birth of “Slowhand”

Amidst the symphony of guitar strings and electrifying solos, the nickname “Slowhand” emerged as a companion to Eric Clapton’s legacy. One version of the story hails from a conversation between Clapton and biographer Ray Coleman. Despite his lightning-fast fretwork, Clapton revealed that the moniker was a playful nod to his rapid playing, coined by music manager Giorgio Gomelsky.

In Clapton’s own words:

“‘Slowhand’ came from Giorgio Gomelsky. He coined it as a good pun. He kept saying I was a fast player, [so he said] ‘Slowhand’ as a play on words.”

Thus, the seemingly paradoxical nickname found its place in music history.

Strings and Applause: An Alternative Explanation

Another facet of the story unfurls through Clapton’s time with The Yardbirds, where fellow bandmate Chris Dreja played a role in shaping the moniker. Witnessing Clapton’s onstage string breaks and swift replacements, Dreja observed the crowd’s enthusiastic response, often referred to in England as being “given the slowhand.” The occurrence became so recurrent that it naturally evolved into a nickname that encapsulated Clapton’s prowess and his unique connection with his audience.

Inseparable Identity: Clapton and “Slowhand”

Regardless of the version embraced, Eric Clapton and the moniker “Slowhand” have become indelibly intertwined. The nickname, born from a blend of humor, admiration, and musical irony, mirrors Clapton’s multifaceted artistry. As an artist who paints his melodies with dexterity, speed, and grace, “Slowhand” reflects the layers of his playing and the intricacies of his relationship with his instrument.

The Resonance of “God”: An Additional Nickname

As if “Slowhand” wasn’t emblematic enough, Eric Clapton also finds himself enveloped in another evocative moniker—“god.” A testament to his godlike musical prowess and influence in the realms of rock and blues, this nickname transcends admiration to border on reverence. Often attributed to a fervent Clapton aficionado who spray-painted “Clapton is god” on an underground station in Islington, England, this moniker stands as a testament to his extraordinary impact on music history.

In the symphony of musical nicknames, “Slowhand” and “god” stand as testaments to Eric Clapton’s multifaceted legacy—an artist who navigates the strings of his guitar with both the speed of lightning and the measured grace of a master craftsman.