The Real Life Story Of Gordon Lightfoot

The Real Life Story Of Gordon Lightfoot | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Gordon Lightfoot, known for his private nature, recently met with his biographer to discuss some surprising revelations about his life. From near-death experiences in his childhood to encounters with Charles Manson’s infamous killing spree, Lightfoot’s extraordinary life unfolds in the untold truth of Gordon Lightfoot. Below are some of the scenes in the life of the legend, Gordon Lightfoot.

Lightfoot’s remarkable life

In 2021, Lightfoot met with his biographer, Nicholas Jennings, to discuss his life and career, revealing some fascinating anecdotes. One such revelation was Lightfoot’s proximity to Charles Manson’s infamous killing spree. Lightfoot was just a few blocks away from the gruesome murders, and the experience continues to haunt him.

Near-death experiences in Lightfoot’s childhood

Lightfoot had two near-death experiences during his childhood. At the age of 14, while ice fishing with his cousin on Lake Simcoe, they fell through thin ice. After struggling to climb out, they eventually managed to escape the freezing water. Another incident occurred when Lightfoot and his father found themselves on a railroad crossing at the same time as a train. This incident deeply impacted Lightfoot, leaving a lasting impression on his outlook on life.

Lightfoot’s brief encounter with Scientology

During a turbulent period in his personal life, Lightfoot turned to Scientology for advice. He found solace in the therapeutic aspects of the sessions, likening them to seeing a psychiatrist.

Lightfoot’s early musical endeavors

Lightfoot’s family recognized his musical talent early on. He earned his first cash by singing songs at family gatherings. Additionally, Lightfoot’s early public appearances included being part of a square-dancing troupe called the Singin’ Swingin’ Eight, featured on the Canadian show “Country Hoedown.”

Lightfoot’s connection to John Belushi and “Sundown”

Lightfoot had a tumultuous love affair with Cathy Smith, who later injected John Belushi with drugs that caused his death. Lightfoot’s relationship with Smith inspired him to write the song “Sundown.” Lightfoot’s appearance on “Saturday Night Live” resulted in a skit where Belushi’s character cut the strings on Lightfoot’s guitar.

Lightfoot’s decision not to star in a movie based on “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”

Lightfoot declined an offer to headline a movie based on his famous song “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.” He didn’t want to portray himself as an alcoholic, considering it against his conscience.

Lightfoot’s dedication to his music

Despite health challenges, Lightfoot continued to pursue his music career. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, he embraced live-streaming performances, ensuring his music reached audiences worldwide. Lightfoot remained dedicated to his craft until his passing at the age of 84, just a few weeks after canceling a series of scheduled concerts.

Lightfoot’s survival of numerous health issues

Lightfoot has survived several health issues, including anemia, emphysema, a mini-stroke, and a life-threatening aortic aneurysm. He has undergone surgeries and faced near-death experiences, but he persevered.

Bob Dylan’s admiration for Gordon Lightfoot

Bob Dylan, one of music’s most revered songwriters, holds Gordon Lightfoot in high regard, considering him among his favorite songwriters. Dylan expressed his admiration for Lightfoot, stating that he can’t think of any songs by Lightfoot that he doesn’t like.