The Real Amount Of Alcohol Tommy Lee Drinks Everyday

The Real Amount Of Alcohol Tommy Lee Drinks Everyday | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Tommy Lee in a 2005 interview - Vicki Bobotis / Youtube

With a career spanning nearly four decades as the powerhouse drummer for the iconic glam metal band Motley Crüe, Tommy Lee has solidified his status as one of the most celebrated figures in the realm of rock music.

Beyond his undeniable musical prowess, Lee has garnered notoriety for his extravagant and hard-partying lifestyle, laying bare the details of his struggles with addiction to alcohol and potent drugs on numerous occasions.

During a compelling interview with comedian Bill Maher on the Club Random podcast in October 2023, Lee sent shockwaves through his host as he candidly confessed to a staggering habit during the peak of his drinking days.

Astonishingly, the renowned drummer admitted to consuming approximately two gallons of vodka daily, providing a startling glimpse into the depths of his alcohol dependence.

Some people questioned Tommy’s bold claims

This is not the only instance where the infamous drummer has boldly asserted the astonishing extent of his vodka consumption. The revelation initially surfaced during an October 2020 interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, where Lee brought attention to his past habit of consuming two gallons of vodka daily.

According to the Motley Crüe drummer, this excessive drinking was a consequence of sheer “boredom”, providing a glimpse into the psychological factors that fueled his intense relationship with alcohol.

While some critics have cast doubt on the veracity of Lee’s claim, with writer Amber Harding of OutKick even pointing out the exactness of Lee’s mention of two “big handles”, each containing just under 60 ounces, it is worth noting that, while undeniably excessive, this falls short of the two gallons per day initially suggested.

Despite the potential disparity in measurements, the admission aligns with the larger-than-life persona associated with the drummer of one of the world’s most infamous and hedonistic rock bands.

This hedonistic Motley Crüe lifestyle once tragically claimed a life

Tommy Lee’s excessive consumption of alcohol serves as just one facet of the extravagant and hard-partying lifestyle that he, along with his fellow Motley Crüe bandmates, cultivated throughout their illustrious careers.

During the 1980s, this group of musicians earned a reputation as some of the most hedonistic figures on the music circuit, embodying the epitome of the rock and roll excesses of the era.

Regrettably, their penchant for the wild and unrestrained lifestyle was not without severe consequences. In a tragic turn of events in 1984, Motley Crüe found themselves thrust into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

A car, driven by the band’s lead singer, Vince Neil, was involved in a collision with an oncoming vehicle. Subsequent investigations revealed that Neil was intoxicated at the time of the accident. The repercussions of this fateful crash were devastating, with the passengers of the other car suffering life-altering injuries. Tragically, the collision claimed the life of Nicholas “Razzle” Dingley, the drummer of Hanoi Rocks, who happened to be in the car with Neil.

Even Guns N’ Roses failed to outgun them in a drinking game

To be fair, Motley Crüe deserves commendation for confronting and openly acknowledging the darker facets of their journey as rockstars, including the pervasive addiction that marred their illustrious careers.

The tragic death of “Razzle” Dingley finds its place in the band’s unflinchingly honest memoir, The Dirt, which serves as a candid and unabridged account of the band’s excessive lifestyle, notably diving into the depths of their struggles with alcohol and drugs.

In this revealing memoir, Motley Crüe lays bare the harsh realities of their rock and roll existence, providing readers with an unfiltered glimpse into the tumultuous highs and lows of their journey through fame and excess. The narrative doesn’t shy away from the consequences of their choices, allowing for a raw exploration of the impact of addiction on their personal and professional lives.

In a candid discussion on Steve-O’s Wild Ride, Tommy Lee shed light on the band’s competitive nature, recalling a particular incident involving members of Guns N’ Roses attempting to “outdrink” Motley Crüe. Lee and Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx had the last laugh in that particular showdown.

Tommy Lee revealed that he has been healthy and sober

One might reasonably assume that Lee’s health would be compromised after a lifetime immersed in the hedonistic antics of a rockstar. However, contrary to expectations, the drummer has shared with various media outlets, including Yahoo! Entertainment, that he has received a clean bill of health in recent years.

Expressing his surprise at having emerged unscathed from decades of excessive living, Lee defies the conventional narrative of the toll such a lifestyle might take on one’s well-being. 

Despite successfully navigating through a period of his life characterized by consuming an extraordinary amount of alcohol daily, Lee doesn’t dismiss the unhealthy repercussions of his behavior. In the same interview, he candidly revealed that his vodka consumption had left his liver metaphorically “on crutches”, underscoring the physical toll of his past excesses.

It is noteworthy that the members of Motley Crüe, including Lee, have taken significant steps toward sobriety in recent decades. Nikki Sixx, for instance, has openly shared the reasons he embraces a sober lifestyle and appears to have maintained his sobriety for an extended period. Providing an update on his own journey, Lee disclosed during an episode of Club Random in October 2023 that he had recently achieved a remarkable milestone of one year of sobriety.