The Opinion Of Eddie Van Halen’s Former Bandmates About Him

The Opinion Of Eddie Van Halen’s Former Bandmates About Him | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Billboard / Youtube

Despite the widespread mourning that followed Eddie Van Halen’s untimely death, the great guitarist was embroiled in several nasty feuds during his extraordinary career.

During Van Halen’s career, several lineup changes occurred, which meant that aside from the classic 4-lineup group that everyone become familiar with (Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen, David Lee Roth, and Michael Anthony), there were also several names that we could associate with to the group. Among those were Sammy Hagar, Gary Cherone, Mark Stone, and Wolfgang Van Halen.

Throughout the years, bitter resentment became the no. 1 focus of several members around the time when Ed was still alive. In a video presented below by YouTube content creator Heavi, the video explores the different opinions of several Van Halen artists regarding the hard rock guitarist. Most of the time, bitterness prevailed, especially around the time when these members worked with Van Halen – and exposed who he was behind closed doors: a drunken, drug-addicted musician who couldn’t hold a band together without clashing those who are around him. As someone who held the same fantastic image as Ed Van Halen, it’s hard for his name not to be dragged into the mud.

Yet, as time went by, these several artists who threw dirt on Ed, were also the same people who praised and acknowledge Ed for his greatness, when he surprisingly passed away last 2020. Time truly heals all wounds, and the Van Halen members were proof of such.

Check out the video below.