The Name Sir Ozzy Osbourne Is Now a Possibility

The Name Sir Ozzy Osbourne Is Now a Possibility | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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For today’s dose of unusual news, Ozzy Osbourne has been the subject of a petition. An interesting petition in particular, since it doesn’t involve of him getting banned from a venue or something along those lines. There’s a circulating online petition to knight Osbourne via, and it’s steadily gaining traction.

Fan Helen Maidiotis kickstarted the online petition by addressing it to the U.K.’s Department of Culture, Media and Sport. “This petition is being launched in support of my ongoing campaign to Knight Ozzy Osbourne. This is the third attempt at gathering worldwide support through a petition for Mr Osbourne. I believe that with the world wide fan base he has this will make a huge impact on the final outcome of our nomination. So please sign today! Spread the word far and wide!!! We need to be heard loud and clear that this campaign is not over!“, Maidiotis pleads.

Helen Maidiotis pushes on, recounting Osbourne’s accomplishments. “He has won countless awards and accolades. He was the first to receive a star on the Birmingham Walk of Stars in Broad street. He was also honoured with a star along Hollywood Walk of Fame. He had been asked by Buckingham Palace to play for them on two occasions – The Queen’s Jubilee and at The Royal Variety Performance. His name is synonymous in the entertainment industry from the very young to the older generation.

His influence is surely no laughing matter, “His music can be heard playing in major sports arenas and many have made a living by creating their own tribute bands and playing both cover versions of his music or playing their own influenced by Mr Osbourne’s music. Many musicians had launched their careers from the most successful music festival to date that he founded in the 90’s called ‘Ozzfest’. As he turns 70 at the end of 2018, he is still going strong with many more projects planned.”,  she added.

While she originally anticipated 5,000 petitioners, the number has since advanced, now at 7,000 people at the time of writing. “The Prince of Darkness” is royalty enough, and Ozzy Osbourne being dubbed as the “Dark Knight” might pose another set of headaches.