The Most Offensive Led Zeppelin Rumor For Jimmy Page

The Most Offensive Led Zeppelin Rumor For Jimmy Page | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Jimmy Page in an interview about Stairway To Heaven - BBC News / Youtube

Several famous people have fallen prey to false stories that persisted with them and eventually were widely regarded as the truth. Occasionally, famous people are stuck forever with the falsehoods that have been spread about them. One of the challenges of fame is the issue of people not trusting what a person says, but instead believing what they have heard about them from others.

During his time with Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page continued to do what he did best and stayed musically active, earning him a reputation as one of the most gifted musicians in the world. It goes without saying that he has touched many lives throughout the world, whether he has ever met any of them. Nonetheless, some individuals have insulted him after their personal experiences with Page by claiming things that never occurred. When Zeppelin’s former road manager published a book full of fabricated allegations about the band members, it was one of the many things that made Page angry.

Page opened up regarding the false accusations in an interview: “This is a good time to clear something up that I’ve really taken offense to. There’s a book written by our former road manager, Richard Cole that has made me completely ill. I’m so mad about it that I can’t even bring myself to read the whole thing. The two bits that I have read are so ridiculously false, that I’m sure if I read the rest I’d be able to sue Cole and the publishers. But it would be so painful to read that it wouldn’t be worth it.”

In 1993, Jimmy Page voiced his displeasure with the book and its author, former road manager Richard Cole, saying that he may sue Cole for making false statements about certain incidents in Stairway to Heaven: Led Zeppelin Uncensored, which was published in 1992. The guitarist knew he would get very furious if he kept reading the book, so he put it down. Page might have successfully sued the road manager, but he chose to drop the case for personal reasons.

“The one false story has to do with ‘Babe Im Gonna Leave You,” Page added. “The book claims that when Robert came to my house to initially discuss the band, I played him a recording of Joan Baez singing ‘Babe’ and asked him, ‘Can you imagine us playing something like this?’ The book claims that Robert picked up my guitar and started playing me the arrangement that eventually appeared on the album. Arrrghh! Can you believe that? First of all, I had worked out the arrangement long before Robert came to my house and secondly, Robert didn’t even play the flippin’ guitar in those days!! Thirdly, I didn’t ask him if he could imagine playing that song, I told him that I wanted to do it. And you can take that right to the horse’s mouth.”

It seems out Jimmy Page wasn’t the only one who didn’t like Cole; John Paul Jones added that Cole was a heroin addict who fabricated stories to fund his habit. Years before this book came out, the band fired their tour manager because they couldn’t get along with him.