The Monkees Pick Their Favorite Member Of The Beatles

The Monkees Pick Their Favorite Member Of The Beatles | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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The members of the iconic band, The Monkees, may not have always seen eye-to-eye, but when it came to their favorite Beatle, two of them were in unanimous agreement. Both Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork from The Monkees revealed that Ringo Starr was their favorite Beatle. In this article, we explore their reasons for connecting with Ringo and the unique bond that developed between The Monkees and The Beatles.

The Hollywood Vampires: A Shared Connection

During a 2017 interview, Micky Dolenz shared his experiences of interacting with The Beatles, stating, “I would say by far the person I spent the most time with probably would have been Ringo.” Dolenz mentioned that Ringo had relocated to Los Angeles in the ’70s and they had mutual friends such as Harry Nilsson, Alice Cooper, and The Who’s Keith Moon. All these individuals were part of a drinking buddy group called the Hollywood Vampires. This connection allowed Dolenz to spend quality time with Ringo and strengthen their bond.

Peter Tork echoed Dolenz’s sentiment about Ringo during an interview. Tork referred to the “Back Off Boogaloo” singer as his favorite Beatle, describing him as “open and human.” Tork also showed interest in Ringo’s post-Beatles career, attending his “Ringo All-Star” shows whenever possible and cherishing their shared interests. Tork described Ringo as a genuinely kind person, summing him up as a “total sweetheart.”


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John Lennon’s Praise for Ringo Starr

John Lennon, one of The Beatles, expressed his admiration for Ringo’s exceptional talent in an interview from 1980. Lennon acknowledged that Ringo’s artistic abilities came naturally to him and emphasized that Ringo was already renowned as a talented drummer in Liverpool before joining The Beatles. Lennon further speculated that regardless of the group he had joined, Ringo would have gained fame as a drummer, a singer, or even an actor. As time went on, Ringo released numerous solo hits and made appearances in various films, often in comedic roles.

Although Lennon had some reservations about George Harrison’s autobiography, he maintained his love and respect for all the members of The Beatles. Reflecting on his feelings towards the band, Lennon mentioned, “The Beatles are over, but John, Paul, George, and Ringo go on.” Even as Lennon transitioned into his personal life and family, his love for his fellow Beatles remained intact.

The Monkees, renowned for their own success, had a clear consensus when it came to identifying their favorite Beatle – Ringo Starr. Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork both recognized Ringo’s charisma and expressed their admiration for his openness and genuine nature. Their close connection with Ringo, as evidenced by their participation in the Hollywood Vampires, solidified their bond. Furthermore, John Lennon’s praise for Ringo highlighted his exceptional talent and affirmed the lasting impact of The Beatles. Despite the passage of time, the love for Ringo and the enduring legacy of The Beatles continues to shine through.