The Life Changing Advice That Changed Roger Waters Forever

The Life Changing Advice That Changed Roger Waters Forever | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Roger Waters in an announcement video - Roger Waters / Youtube

Roger Waters has always been a “think-first-before-deciding” person. From the start of his career in Pink Floyd up until now, he has always remained true to himself and has stood up for the things he considered as what’s right for him. So, it isn’t such a surprise to find out that the greatest advice he has heard molded him into the person that he is today.

Growing up, he has spent his time with his mother and his older brother; his father died in World War II when the musician was only 5 months old. Since then, his mother became the sole parent for the two of them, and naturally, he’s fond of her.

With that, when Waters made a drastic decision to let go of Pink Floyd in the 80s, everyone else thought of him as thoughtless and impulsive. But what the people didn’t know then was how unhealthy the members’ relationship was over the years; Waters has had beef with everyone else in the group most especially with guitarist David Gilmour. So, Waters left the group all while thinking of the advice that his mother gave him when he was 13 years old.

“She said, ‘As you grow up in life you often gonna come across things where you have to make decisions about things which may be complicated, complex, all kinds of different things,” Waters said via Rolling Stone. “When you do, and you find yourself wrestling with something, if you take my advice, you would look at it from all sides, listen to all possible opinions on it, do as many researches as you can until you really feel you grasp it. After that, your work is done, all hard work is done. You’ll just do the right thing.”

He proceeds to thank his mother for the wonderful advice that he’s been heeding for many years. And to see it from that point of view, we believe that Waters had only wanted what was best for him all this time, even if it meant leaving the biggest band in the world and to start anew.