The Last Song Jimi Hendrix Recorded

The Last Song Jimi Hendrix Recorded | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Jimi Hendrix with the Band of Gypsys - Captain Midnight / Youtube

Jimi Hendrix spent his final months focused on cementing his legacy in music. Hendrix, who tragically passed away at age 27, spent most of his final days in the studio, playing his guitar like a madman and writing his name in the record books. Hendrix was at the peak of his powers right before his tragic demise, and his last studio album was released a scant month before he went away.

Jimi Hendrix’s journey to the recording session on August 20, 1970, was arduous. Electric Lady Studios, located in the heart of Greenwich Village, was to be Hendrix’s new home and one of his most ambitious and long-lasting undertakings. But sadly, by the time the studio was finished in 1970, the guitarist only had a few weeks to use it before his untimely passing.

As summer in 1970 progressed, Jimi Hendrix once again found himself in New York City, this time recording his fourth studio album. At some point during the overdub session on August 20, 1970, Hendrix had a creative epiphany and started playing what would become known as “Slow Blues.” Despite producers Eddie Kramer and Dave Palmer’s best efforts inside the recording booth, the session was “inexplicably” cut short. Then, on September 18th, 1970, after attending a party with his girlfriend, Hendrix slept off his excitement by taking nine of her sleeping pills; he would never regain consciousness. The cause of death was listed as “inhalation of vomit” and “barbiturate intoxication” on the death certificate.

“Slow Blues,” believed to be Hendrix’s last recording, was released posthumously in 2000 and was included in the Jimi Hendrix Experience’s box set.