The Influence Of The Album ‘Tres Hombres’ To 1973 Culture

The Influence Of The Album ‘Tres Hombres’ To 1973 Culture | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Tres Hombres - ZZTopOfficial1 /YouTube

The year is 1973. Southern rock is at its peak, and we have Tres Hombres to thank for that. Though there were other southern bands such as Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Allman Brothers who gave their sincerest touch to the subgenre, it was ZZ Top’s blend of melodramatic styles that gave a boost to its listeners.

ZZ Top was not the top rocker in the southern genre at this point, but they have established the claim when they released their 3rd album Tres Hombres, translated to “three men”. Announcing themselves as the “little ol’ rockers in Texas”, you thought they would embody the world “little”, but put that album on the go and you would think of it otherwise. Tres Hombres marked the band’s career as one of the greatest southern rockers out there, and it is no surprise that they had to manage to exceed anyone’s expectations.

It was Duane Allman’s remarkable playing of the beloved guitar instrument that Billy Gibbons had a change of heart, and decided it was a matter of time to truly test the band’s ability in all stakes. Fulfilled with the eccentric blues, the band got into its good form. It bore the fruits of their labor, making “La Grange” a hit for all the listeners. It built them a solid foundation that they have long been waiting for from the beginning. And it was at this moment that the beloved ZZ Top would go on and mark their status as the holy triumvirate of southern rock.