The Greatest Ballads From Elvis Presley’s Career

The Greatest Ballads From Elvis Presley’s Career | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Although he was known as the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley also excelled at performing heartfelt ballads. This idea was cemented by the fact that his ability to sing a love song was the driving force for his lasting fame. Below, we present the top 5 greatest ballads of Presley, shown below.


“Love Me” – Elvis (1956)

Many people consider “Love Me” to be Elvis Presley’s greatest doo-wop single. Elvis makes masochistic romanticism seem really endearing. Full-throated vocal performances like these might be over the top at times, but they go wonderfully with this.

“Love Me Tender” – Single (1956)

Elvis’s “Love Me Tender” is one of his most tender recordings. The CBC reports that an interview with music director Ken Dary may be found in the 2006 book The “Love Me Tender Years” Diary. Darby remarked on the unique interpretation of “Love Me Tender” by Elvis. “Elvis has the most terrific ear of anyone I have ever met. He does not read music, but he does not need to. All I had to do was play the song for him once, and he made it his own. He has perfect judgment of what is right for him. He exercised that judgment when he chose ‘Love Me Tender’ as his theme song.”

“Loving You” – Single (1957)

Paramount named Elvis Presley’s second film after a slow song from the soundtrack, much as 20th Century Fox did with his debut film. Elvis’s rendition of this Leiber-Stoller song was classic and heartfelt, in contrast to the up-and-down vocal approach he had previously delivered to some of his songs. Although its A-side partner, “Teddy Bear,” rocketed to the top of Billboard’s chart, “Loving You” still maintained a very long run on the Top 100.

“There’s Always Me” – Something for Everybody (1961)

Elvis Presley claimed “There Always Me” by Don Robertson as his own during a late-night recording session at RCA’s Studio B in Nashville on March 12, 1961. Unlike the vocal fade-outs heard in most of his ballads, Elvis clearly had fun recording this one, which had a loud voice finale. Jorgensen claims that Elvis afterward proudly played the recording for Robertson.

“Can’t Help Falling in Love” – Blue Hawaii (1961)

“Can’t Help Falling in Love” had a successful run on Billboard’s Hot 100 beginning in late 1961, and was played at innumerable weddings in the early 1960s. It spent 14 weeks on the chart overall, including 8 in the top 10. After reaching #2 on the charts on February 3, 1962, it became Presley’s third most successful ballad overall and is widely considered to be Presley’s greatest ballad of all time.