The First Ever Song Played In BBC Radio

The First Ever Song Played In BBC Radio | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) began operations in 1922, making it the oldest and longest-running national broadcaster in the whole globe. A family relationship has arisen between Britain and the company; which is suitable, considering that the corporation was created on the basis of a royal charter since it is analogous to the manner in which certain people serve the Royal Family.

During the early years of the BBC, broadcasting and recording technologies sparked a worldwide revolution in the consumption of many forms of media and propelled the growth of the music business. Rock music was able to flourish in the country as a result of these technological advancements, which coincided with the dawn of the 1960s and sparked a cultural and creative revolution at the same time. This led to the start of the revolutionary British Invasion that occurred in the U.S.

The Beatles and The Stones were two of the most popular bands of the period, so one might think that the BBC would have chosen a song by one of these groups to play on Radio 1’s very first-ever slot. On the other hand, the less well-known Birmingham-based band known as The Move was given a place of honor in history because of the fact that their song “Flowers in the Rain” was played as the first song on the station’s very first program, which aired on September 30, 1967.

You can listen to the song below.