The First 5 Tracks To Listen In The Album “Led Zeppelin I”

The First 5 Tracks To Listen In The Album “Led Zeppelin I” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Led Zeppelin's self-titled debut album - Led Zeppelin / Youtube

Led Zeppelin took a bold move by recording their very own debut album without any record label and any other necessary machinery backing them up. Jimmy Page produced the record himself and funded it with the help of manager Peter Grant. They managed to record the album in a span of 36 hours, which sported a mix of originals and remakes of blues standards.

“Good Times, Bad Times”

Led Zeppelin dished out their progressive side with “Good Times, Bad Times”, turning the cadence of the intro into an innovative riff that circulates throughout the track. John Paul Jones also goes hard on the bass as the song runs its length, while Page used a rotating speaker to achieve his lead guitar sound.

“Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You”

Welcoming listeners with a sparse acoustic intro, “Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You” immediately dives into this Latin-styled lick before proceeding into electric bliss. It stretches into a seven-minute circular jam that ends with a folk outro, which was quite a standout back in the day.

“Dazed And Confused”

This is where Led Zeppelin gets credit for contributing to the overall sound and vibe of heavy metal. “Dazed and Confused” started out as a folk song from Jake Holmes but was adapted by Page who was with the Yardbirds at the time.

“Your Time is Gonna Come”

Jones builds the atmosphere with his organ intro for this song until the main riff comes along, John Bonham hammering away with his powerful backbeat. “Your Time is Gonna Come” has one of the most beautiful melodies in the album for a rock arrangement.

“Communication Breakdown”

Frantic and blown-out, “Communication Breakdown” is one of Led Zeppelin’s most scathing cuts. Robert Plant goes to stratospheric heights with his voice, accompanied by Bonham’s persistent drumming. Jones and Page take the backseat here as they play rhythm for the arrangement.