The Doobie Brothers Team Up With Mick Fleetwood For New Song “Lahaina”

The Doobie Brothers Team Up With Mick Fleetwood For New Song “Lahaina” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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The Doobie Brothers have recently unveiled a moving new song named “Lahaina” that features Mick Fleetwood, with the aim of generating funds to support those affected by the destructive fires that ravaged parts of Maui in Hawaii.

The song is now accessible through digital platforms, and an accompanying music video has premiered on the band’s official YouTube channel.

The proceeds from the song will go towards the People’s Fund of Maui, a charitable organization initiated by Oprah Winfrey and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. This foundation provides financial assistance to over 8,000 members of the Maui community who have faced displacement due to the fires in Lahaina and Kula.

Additionally, The Doobie Brothers will be making a substantial donation of $100,000 to contribute to this cause. Listen to the song below:

A touching collaboration

The song “Lahaina” was collaboratively written by long-time Maui residents and Doobie Brothers members Pat Simmons and Michael McDonald, along with producer John Shanks, who worked closely with the band on their 2021 studio album, Liberté.

Contributions to the track include musical input from Simmons, McDonald, and the other core members of The Doobies, namely Tom Johnston and John McFee.

Additionally, guest appearances feature Fleetwood Mac drummer Mick Fleetwood, Hawaiian ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro, and Hawaiian singer/songwriter Henry Kapono.

Mick Fleetwood, also a resident of Maui, had a restaurant in downtown Lahaina that fell victim to the fires.

“We hope that one day we will walk those streets again”

Simmons, in a press statement addressing the song, discussed the inspiration behind its creation and the initiation of the charity campaign.

After residing in Maui for 28 years, Simmons felt compelled to create a tribute to the place that has been his home for such a significant period, with the goal of raising awareness and gathering donations for the town’s recovery.

“This song is a look back at what Lahaina has meant to all of us. So many people have walked the streets of Lahaina and have felt that aloha spirit and we hope that one day we will walk those streets again,” Simmons shared.

The “Lahaina” video showcases scenes of the coastal town and its breathtaking surroundings before the fire, juxtaposed with the devastating impact of the blaze. The footage also features individual scenes of the Doobies and their collaborators singing and/or playing the song.

“‘Lahaina’ is a song that both captures our aloha spirit”

Dwayne Johnson released a statement on behalf of the People’s Fund of Maui expressing gratitude to Simmons and the band. The statement is featured in the intro of the song’s video.

“As our people of Maui piece their lives and homes back together, we’re grateful to have the genuine support and beautiful music of The Doobie Brothers,” Johnson expressed.

The Rock also added that as a longtime resident of the island, Simmons comprehends the Maui community and the tragic devastation its residents are bravely overcoming. He also shared that “Lahaina” is a song that “both captures our aloha spirit”.

Currently, The Doobie Brothers are fulfilling the role of the opening act for the final dates of the Eagles’ Long Goodbye Tour in 2023. The tour concludes this week with performances on November 17 and 18 in St. Paul, Minnesota.