The Best Songs In “Frampton Comes Alive!”

The Best Songs In “Frampton Comes Alive!” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Peter Frampton live at the Oakland Coliseum, 1977 - Peter Frampton on MV / Youtube

Peter Frampton’s prolific career spans almost five decades, and has seen its fair share of downs, but when he was serious, the genius musician broke any obstacles before him. One such testament is 1976’s Frampton Comes Alive!, his epic double live album that became a best seller, especially in the USA. Containing some of the best guitar rock songs in a live setting, Frampton Comes Alive! is filled with memorable and worthy riffs from a virtuoso such as Frampton. Here are some of the best tracks from this epic live album by the great Peter Frampton.

“Something’s Happening”

Frampton’s verses in “Something’s Happening” is bursting in positive energy, with a catchy chorus that trails off into a fun solo. The piano parts augment the guitar’s circular riff, bringing more dimension into the track. Some remnants of blues influence can be heard in the bridge, but a major emphasis is placed on a pop-oriented progression.

“Show Me The Way”

“Show Me The Way” stretches Frampton’s creativity to the limits, and while his guitar work in this track is commendable, his highly underrated vocals shine throughout the track, radiant with energy and rich in quality. Fun factor is added by the use of a talkbox, doing the riffs in a tasteful manner.

“Baby I Love Your Way”

Before the reggae adaptation of the song, Peter Frampton’s original take on it gives off a vibrance that none could replicate, in all honesty. The serene arrangement, Frampton’s strong vocal quality, and some scat singing goes a long way in completing the whole vibe of appreciation.

“Do You Feel Like We Do”

Featuring one of the most prominent riff work in guitar-oriented rock, it was flexed to full potential in Frampton Comes Alive! Stretching up to 15 minutes in this seminal live version, “Do You Feel Like We Do” offered artistic freedom for Frampton, even including his signature talkbox for added flair. The song became one of the most requested tracks on the radio despite its length, testament on how it was masterfully crafted.

“Shine On”

The addictive intro of the track breaks down into two parts, with a mellow initial section, then proceeding into a hard-rocking part that pours into the verses. Bursting with life is the chorus’ progression, with Frampton evidently letting loose on his vocal parts, for that hint of fun in the heavy arrangement.