The Beatles Songs That Features The Rolling Stones

The Beatles Songs That Features The Rolling Stones | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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There was a common misconception that the Beatles and the Stones were bitter enemies, but in reality, the two bands were good friends who worked together occasionally. In fact, the legendary songwriting team of John Lennon and Paul McCartney provided the Rolling Stones with their first-ever number-one single. Moreover, the camaraderie between the two groups is also solidified when the Stones invited Lennon and his wife, Yoko Ono, to perform at The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus, a concert film. Presented below are the Beatles songs that feature the Rolling Stones.


“Yellow Submarine” – Revolver (1966)

“Yellow Submarine’s” simplistic lyrics and assortment of sound effects (bells, chains, whistles, hooters, a cash register, and a tin bathtub) are intentional since the song was an attempt at a children’s song by Paul McCartney and John Lennon. In the song as well, McCartney and Lennon asked Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones to join them on the track since they were buddies; Jones not only sings harmony on the tune but also made the glasses clinking effect.

“Baby, You’re a Rich Man” – Single (1967)

It was “Baby You’re a Rich Man” that marked the Beatles’ first venture outside of Abbey Road Studios. The band spent a day in Olympic Round Studios in Barnes, England, and recorded the entire album there. Coincidentally, Mick Jagger, lead singer for the Rolling Stones, happened to be in the studio on the same day. One of the tape boxes even bears Jagger’s name among the Fab Four’s, suggesting that he may have contributed vocals.

“You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)” – Single (1970)

Because it was a B-side to “Let it Be,” the Beatles’ “You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)” is not as well-known as some of their other material. Nonetheless, McCartney has stated that this is one of his favorite Beatles songs, and it has a cameo by Rolling Stones member Brian Jones. Jones returned, although this time he wasn’t playing guitar on this track. The saxophone, instead, is where his focus lies.