The Bands That Hated Touring With The Black Crowes

The Bands That Hated Touring With The Black Crowes | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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In the early ’90s, The Black Crowes rose to prominence with hits like “Shake Yer Moneymaker” (1990) and “The Southern Harmony & Musical Companion” (1992). However, their journey wasn’t without its share of conflicts with fellow bands on tour. Let’s delve into some of those tense moments, particularly with ZZ Top, Aerosmith, and Blues Traveler.

The video below sheds light on the tumultuous relationships The Black Crowes had with these bands during their rise to fame. As with many rock stories, the tour bus wasn’t always a harmonious place for these musicians.

ZZ Top

In 1991, The Black Crowes were set to open for ZZ Top, but trouble brewed when the band expressed discontent with corporate sponsorship. Chris Robinson, the frontman, made comments during a concert criticizing Miller Brewing, a tour sponsor. ZZ Top’s management warned Robinson to stop, but when he persisted, the band was fired two nights into a three-night stint in Atlanta. Lone Wolf Productions, ZZ Top’s management, stated that the decision was made independently, denying corporate pressure. Robinson defended the band’s stance on rockline, stating they were not sponsored by anyone but themselves.


During the Pump tour, The Black Crowes joined Aerosmith for a series of shows. However, the collaboration was short-lived as the Crowes were fired after the first show. Chris Robinson expressed disappointment over learning that Steven Tyler, his childhood hero, used backing tapes during live shows. Robinson believed in entertaining with natural abilities and taking risks on stage. Although initially fired, tensions seemed to ease in later years when Robinson played on Joe Perry’s solo record, Sweetzerland Manifesto.


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Blues Traveler

In the mid-’90s, The Black Crowes toured with Blues Traveler as part of the Horde Festival, initiated by Blues Traveler as a response to Lolapalooza. The 1995 festival had The Black Crowes headlining, and initially, the bands seemed to get along. However, years later, the feud surfaced. Unfortunately, the details of this feud are cut off, leaving the audience curious about the unraveling drama between these two bands.