The Amazing Songs Carole King Gave Away

The Amazing Songs Carole King Gave Away | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Inside Carole King’s career, you will find out how diverse and how versatile she is across the different aspects of music. As a singer-songwriter in the male-predominated industry, she maintained her relevant status through writing songs that cater both to men and women. Her album Tapestry is mere proof that she is a lovely artist of her right. But apart from her solo work, she also managed to score connections with fellow legends with the songs that she gave away, letting them use her creative imagination as they try to make it their piece.


“The Loco-Motion”

Now, this song remains iconic for appearing in the American charts three times. The first version was sung by Little Eva, then rock band Grand Funk Railroad made their version 8 years after; both charted at no. 1 spot. But perhaps the more fun and energetic cover belongs to Kylie Minogue, whose version charted only at no. 3.

“I’m Into Something Good”

Made famous by Herman Hermits, reaching at no. 1 in the UK charts, which King admitted to being inspired by Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson’s creativity. This was released amid the “British Invasion” which was a scary moment for songwriters such as King since the newly-popularized bands have already established their way of writing their original songs.


With his then-husband Gerry Goffin as her songwriting partner, the two wrote “Chains” which became a hit for the Cookies. A year later, the then-rising band The Beatles recorded a rock version of it for their debut album, with George Harrison singing lead.

“Up on the Roof”

“Up on the Roof” was first recorded by The Drifters, whose version failed to break in the top 50. However, this wasn’t the only group to use include the song in their repertoire, with artists such as Little Eva, the Sidekicks, Julie Grant, Kenny Lynch, and many others.

“Don’t Bring Me Down”

While The Animals brought fame to this Goffin-King composition, the band resented it at first, as they wanted to give value more to their R&B songs from the album. Nevertheless, their version was a surefire hit, remaining one of the most memorable songs from them.