The Aerosmith Song That Doesn’t Feature Steven Tyler On Vocals

The Aerosmith Song That Doesn’t Feature Steven Tyler On Vocals | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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In the powerhouse of rock known as Aerosmith, Steven Tyler’s vocals were nothing short of legendary. With screams that could shake the heavens, Tyler established himself as one of the greatest frontmen in the history of rock music, belting out iconic tunes like ‘Dream On’ and ‘Walk This Way’. However, in the midst of Tyler’s vocal prowess, there came a time when the rest of the band wanted to join the singing fray.

Before Aerosmith’s first jam session, Steven Tyler already stood out as the band’s most accomplished musician.

Originating from his time in bands like Chain Reaction, Tyler initially sat behind the drum kit before deciding that the spotlight was where he truly belonged. Witnessing Joe Perry’s mesmerizing guitar skills during a performance by The Jam Band solidified Tyler’s decision to step up to the front of the stage.

The powerful duo, fueled by their shared love for blues and early rock and roll, became Aerosmith’s songwriting engine. Joe Perry, responsible for crafting iconic riffs, worked hand in hand with Tyler to define the band’s signature sound. While their self-titled debut showcased their potential, it was the sophomore release, ‘Get Your Wings,’ that unveiled the true depth of Tyler’s vocal range, setting the stage for singalongs on tracks like ‘Same Old Song and Dance’.

Despite the slow start in record sales, Aerosmith’s relentless touring turned them into a talked-about force in the American rock scene, paving the way for their breakthrough album, ‘Toys in the Attic.’ Melding the sleaze of The Rolling Stones with the power of Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith struck gold, delivering classics like ‘Sweet Emotion’.


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Empowered by their success, the band aimed to conquer the rock world once more with their next record, ‘Rocks.’

From the thunderous opener ‘Back in the Saddle,’ the album became a cornerstone of the genre, influencing guitarists like James Hetfield and Slash. Amidst this sonic journey, a deep cut called ‘Combination’ marked a significant shift – the first time Steven Tyler wouldn’t take the lead vocal.

In this pseudo-duet, Joe Perry made his vocal debut with the band, exploring the fortunes and dangers of being part of a massive rock and roll outfit. Perry’s voice, though not as powerful as Tyler’s, resonated with a timbre reminiscent of his idol, Keith Richards. The experiment played well, highlighting the sleazy side of the music business.

Tyler, ever gracious, praised Perry’s lyrical contribution to the track, noting that Perry crafted one of his favorite lyrics in any Aerosmith song. The lyrics painted a vivid picture of feeling gaunt while adorned in expensive attire like Yves St Laurent. ‘Combination’ marked a successful experiment, proving that Perry could take the lead on an Aerosmith song.

This vocal exploration wasn’t a one-time affair. Throughout their career, Joe Perry continued to step into the vocal booth, leaving his mark on songs like ‘Bright Light Fright’ from ‘Draw the Line,’ ‘Walk on Down’ from ‘Get A Grip,’ and even ‘Something’ from their final studio album, ‘Music From Another Dimension.’