The 8 Of The Most Iconic Duets In Stevie Nicks’ Career

The 8 Of The Most Iconic Duets In Stevie Nicks’ Career | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty for "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" - Stevie Nicks / Youtube

Stevie Nicks is a musical force. Her captivating voice and songwriting prowess have left an indelible mark on the music industry, both as a solo artist and with legendary bands like Fleetwood Mac. Nicks’ versatility shines through in her music, particularly in her poignant duets.

Four decades ago, Nicks embarked on her solo journey with the release of Bella Donna. Since then, she’s continued to collaborate with a range of talented artists, creating unforgettable duets that have solidified her status as a songwriting icon.

Dive into eight of Stevie’s most powerful collaborations, each one a testament to her enduring musical legacy.

1. “Whenever I Call You ‘Friend’” with Kenny Loggins (1978)

Kicking off the list is Stevie Nicks’ duet with Kenny Loggins, “Whenever I Call You ‘Friend'”. Rumors of a deeper connection swirled, but Nicks has always insisted they were just close friends.

The song itself beautifully captures the essence of platonic love, a testament to the strength and comfort found in genuine friendships. However, some listeners, depending on their interpretation of the lyrics, might find a hint of something more – leaving the possibility for playful speculation.

2. “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” – Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers (1981)

“Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around”is a landmark duet from Bella Donna. The song not only launched Nicks as a solo force after her success with Fleetwood Mac, but it also showcased her incredible vocal power.

While the collaboration with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers adds a dynamic layer, it’s Nicks’ captivating performance that truly takes center stage.

3. “Leather and Lace” with Don Henley (1981)

The sultry “Leather and Lace” showcases Stevie’s surprising versatility. Originally penned for a country duet album by Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter, the song somehow landed in Nicks’ hands.

Luckily for us, she decided to keep it for herself and enlisted the talents of Eagles frontman Don Henley. This unexpected collaboration resulted in a country-tinged gem, proving Nicks’ ability to excel in genres beyond rock and roll.

4. “Can’t Get Enough” – with B.B. King (1988)

Nicks’ musical prowess extends far beyond rock and roll. Her signature voice transcends genre, a fact cemented by her powerful collaboration with blues legend B.B. King on “Can’t Get Enough”.

This electrifying duet marked Nicks’ foray into blues music, proving her adaptability and ability to shine alongside a true master of the genre.

5. “Sorcerer” – with Sheryl Crow (2001)

A fascinating entry in Nicks’ duet repertoire is “Sorcerer”. Believe it or not, the song dates all the way back to 1972, written during her time with the pre-Fleetwood Mac band Buckingham Nicks.  

Originally recorded by Marilyn Martin in 1984, Nicks finally released her own version in 2001, featuring the powerhouse vocals of Sheryl Crow. This unique collaboration brings a fresh perspective to a song with a storied past.

6. “Cheaper Than Free” – with Dave Stewart (2011)

“Cheaper Than Free” throws a delightful curveball into Nicks’ duet history. On the surface, Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart might seem like an unconventional choice for a collaborator. However, the pair create unexpected magic on this track.

Featured on Nicks’ post-hiatus album In Your Dreams, “Cheaper Than Free” is a twangy love song that showcases the surprising versatility of both artists, proving that musical magic can strike in the most unexpected places.

7. “Beautiful People Beautiful Problems” – with Lana Del Rey (2017)

For fans of both Stevie and Lana Del Rey, the collaboration on “Beautiful People Beautiful Problems” felt preordained. Del Rey’s signature style, heavily influenced by retro Americana, perfectly complements Nicks’ own musical sensibilities.

The result is a hauntingly beautiful track where their unique contralto voices intertwine effortlessly, creating a truly magical musical moment.

8. “Remedy” – with Maroon 5 (2021)

Stevie Nicks’ collaborative spirit shows no signs of fading. Her most recent duet, “Remedy”, features Maroon 5 frontman, Adam Levine. The pair struck up a friendship while coaching on NBC’s The Voice, leading to this unexpected collaboration.

Nicks’ legendary vocals elevate the track, adding a layer of depth and emotion to the jaunty pop tune featured on Maroon 5’s latest album, Jordi.