The 6 Strangest Stories About Classic Rock Bands

The 6 Strangest Stories About Classic Rock Bands | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Pink Floyd recording Brain Damage - HDPinkFloyd / Youtube

Don’t you just love crazy stories? Whether it’s an experience done by your favorite classic rock group, or them being a bystander, these silly telltales sometimes make them so popular in media and their own fans as well. Because to become a celebrity means to live a life of excessive risk-taking and chaotic unpredictability; if it’s not weird, it isn’t the best.


Van Halen

American rock band Van Halen is often credited as the group who brought “hard rock at the head of the music scene” with their outlandish live performances and virtuosic guitar hero, Eddie Van Halen. The group, however, before starting a deal with any concert promoter, would often ask for a bowl of M&Ms with “absolutely no brown ones” backstage. This is to ensure that the promoters have read all the precautions to the live concert since the group is well-known for their hazardous antics on-stage. Failure to do so would often lead to the cancellation of the said show, no questions asked.

Iggy Pop

The Stooges’ frontman Iggy Pop is famous for being the godfather of punk who lives a life to its extremes. From rolling himself to shards of glass or throwing himself in the hands of concertgoers through stage-diving, Pop is the man for the job. He had drugged his girlfriend’s dogs at one point in his life, giving them Valium, and almost risking their lives in the process. After the incident, Pop had since stated that he loved dogs and knew a thing or two about animals.

Hall And Oates

The beginning of the journey for Hall and Oates wasn’t a good one, but it ended well. In 1967, the duo was heading each of their musical groups for a competition, with Daryl Hall in the Temptones and Oates in the Masters. Suddenly, a fight emerged between two rival gangs, prompting the members to run for their lives. The two met on the same elevator and sparked a friendship afterward.

The Doors

Legendary frontman Jim Morrison of the Doors has given the music industry so much to live for even after his death. A lot of conspiracy theories have sprung up with regards to his death, with some even stating that he had faked it. But the eerie coincidence happened inside Morrison’s last album, L.A Woman. His final song, “Riders on the Storm” was recorded inside a bathroom of their Santa Monica workshop. A few months later, he is found dead inside his own bathroom in Paris, France.

Jimi Hendrix

Master guitarist Jimi Hendrix stole the people’s attention with his magnificent talent of the instrument. A month after his defining performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” Hendrix was abducted for roughly two days, before being released by the mafia. Two “wiseguy wannabes” demanded a hefty sum from Hendrix’s manager, but eventually, he was released when the real gangsters threatened them. There was a rumor that the incident was staged by his manager, Michael Jefferey, to threaten the singer to go back to the usual Jimi Hendrix Experience lineup.

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd’s success is heavily credited to their ethereal albums, but for Animals, the staged idea to capture a 40-foot-long giant named Algie was what made it so iconic. The inflatable pig floated for 20,000 feet into the air, as it caused a scene. (Alprazolam) Airport flights were supposedly grounded, and a pilot who witnessed the float of Algie, took a breathalyzer test to ensure that he wasn’t drunk.