The 5 Solo Songs Beatles Members Sang About Their Former Band

The 5 Solo Songs Beatles Members Sang About Their Former Band | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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When the iconic quartet, The Beatles, decided to pursue individual paths, the aftermath was filled with both sweet nostalgia and bitter rifts. Surprisingly, each member crafted songs reflecting on their shared past, ranging from tender recollections to pointed critiques. Let’s dive into this intriguing sub-genre of solo Beatles music that delves into the legacy they left behind.

“Early Days” (Paul McCartney, NEW, 2013)

In a rare, direct reflection on his Beatles era, Paul McCartney takes us on a bittersweet journey with “Early Days.” While reminiscing about his youth with John Lennon, McCartney also delivers a firm rebuttal to those who claim to understand The Beatles without experiencing it firsthand. He asserts, “They can’t take it from me if they try, I lived through those early days,” blending warmth with a touch of defiance.

“When We Was Fab” (George Harrison, Cloud Nine, 1987)

George Harrison, often seen as the most reserved Beatle, surprises us with “When We Was Fab.” This track, a highlight from his comeback album, captures the essence of the 1967 Beatles era with its dreamy atmosphere. Amid playful callbacks to famous songs, Harrison subtly comments on those who focus on the negative aspects of the band’s breakup. The overall tone reflects a more benign reckoning with his Beatles past.

“All Those Years Ago” (George Harrison, Somewhere in England, 1981)

Another gem from George Harrison, “All Those Years Ago” serves as a poignant tribute to John Lennon after his tragic death. Originally conceived with Ringo Starr in mind, Harrison reshaped the song to mourn Lennon collectively. Featuring Starr on drums and Paul and Linda McCartney on backing vocals, it becomes a semi-reunion. The lyrics express both the senselessness of Lennon’s murder and Harrison’s admiration for him.

“How Do You Sleep?” (John Lennon, Imagine, 1971)

John Lennon’s “How Do You Sleep?” remains a thorn in the side of those idealizing The Beatles’ interpersonal relationships. Responding to Paul McCartney’s earlier song, Lennon’s lyrics contain sharp references and a final verse dripping with disdain. Despite the bitterness, the relationship between the two eventually healed, but the intensity of emotion in this track is undeniable.

“Early 1970” (Ringo Starr, B-side, 1971)

Amid the spotlight on the Lennon/McCartney feud, Ringo Starr’s relationship with Paul McCartney also faced challenges. “Early 1970” sheds light on this, with Ringo’s loving caricatures of each band member. While not naming names, the genuine longing for reconciliation is palpable in Starr’s voice as he expresses a desire for harmony in their post-Beatles lives.