The 5 John Lennon Songs Heavily Influenced By Bob Dylan

The 5 John Lennon Songs Heavily Influenced By Bob Dylan | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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It’s not surprising to know that folk-legend Bob Dylan greatly influenced the music of The Beatles. John Lennon admired Dylan greatly and cites him as a major inspiration for his own music. For Lennon, he aspired to adopt Dylan’s contemplative lyrical approach and folk vocal performances into his songs after being inspired by them. John was a proud man of his time, but he wasn’t afraid to give credit to the freewheelin’ troubadour on several occasions. Check out the 5 John Lennon-written songs that heavily take a la Dylan.


“I’m A Loser” – Beatles for Sale (1964)

For the album The Beatles for Sale, released in 1964, John Lennon penned the song “I’m a Loser.” Another tune during his “Dylan era,” was when he strove to be more open and honest in his songs. This song is representative of the early Dylan impact on Lennon, which reflects on one’s self.

“You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” – Help! (1965)

The Beatles’ “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away,” from 1965’s Help!, has Dylan and folk music influences. In an interview with Playboy published in 1980, Lennon said that this song was composed during his “Dylan period.” “That’s me in my Dylan period again,” Lennon explained. “I am like a chameleon… influenced by whatever is going on.”

“Norwegian Wood” – Rubber Soul (1965)

“Norwegian Wood” is included on The Beatles’ Rubber Soul album. This song is also the first to feature George Harrison’s sitar playing on a Beatles recording. Lennon takes inspiration from Dylan in writing his vulnerability as he opens out in the lyrics wherein he reveals that he had an affair outside of his marriage.

“In My Life” – Rubber Soul (1965)

“In My Life” is another Dylan-influenced Rubber Soul track. Lennon intended to create a song about his childhood in Liverpool, so he went in a more introspective direction. Lennon calls it his first significant piece of work in the Beatles. “Up till then, it had all been sort of glib and throwaway,” Lennon shared. “And that was the first time I consciously put my literary part of myself into the lyric. Inspired by Kenneth Allsop, the British journalist, and Bob Dylan.”

“Yer Blues” – White Album (1967)

John Lennon attempted to write a blues song for The Beatles with “Yer Blues.” Lennon said in Anthology that he came up with the song while on a trip to India with the Fab Four in 1968. Lyrically, it tells us things about the future that is unclear, which is a topic that Bob Dylan also explored. Lennon even makes a reference to Mr. Jones from Dylan’s “The Ballad of the Thin Man.”