The 5 Best Songs From Queen’s Iconic ‘The Game’ Album

The 5 Best Songs From Queen’s Iconic ‘The Game’ Album | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Queen’s album ‘The Game,’ released in 1980, showcased the band’s incredible talent and their ability to create music without worrying about others’ opinions. The album experimented with various genres, resulting in a beloved masterpiece. Let’s revisit this iconic album and rank the top five songs from it.

Queen’s album ‘The Game’ remains an incredible showcase of the band’s versatility and musical brilliance. Each song on the album tells a unique story and adds to Queen’s rich catalog of timeless hits.

Honorable mentions: “Play the Game,” the mesmerizing opening track, and the energetic rock anthem “Need Your Loving Tonight” just missed the top five.

“Save Me”

For the closing track, Queen relied on one of their strengths: a powerful ballad. Written by Brian May, “Save Me” features Freddie Mercury pouring his heart into the song. He starts with a soft, emotional tone and builds up to an epic, fist-pumping chorus. May contributes a brilliant guitar solo, making it a quintessential Queen ballad.

“Dragon Attack”

As Queen delved into danceable territory on ‘The Game,’ they presented “Dragon Attack.” Written by Brian May, this track allows each band member to shine. Roger Taylor’s drumming is snappy, John Deacon’s bass lines are nimble, and May’s guitar is filled with fuzzy licks. Freddie Mercury adds his signature scatting and energy. “Dragon Attack” is an exhilarating experience.

“Crazy Little Thing Called Love”

Written by Freddie Mercury, this song pays homage to the 1950s and showcases his skills as a catchy songwriter. With its golden acoustic guitars and playful call-and-response vocals, the song captivates from start to finish. John Deacon’s bass shines after a brief pause, leading to a finger-snapping breakdown. Freddie channels his inner Elvis, and Brian May delivers a short but impactful guitar solo.

“Sail Away Sweet Sister”

This underrated gem, written and partially sung by Brian May, tugs at the heartstrings. The song imagines a protective older brother realizing that his younger sister needs to live her own life. The chorus, accompanied by Queen’s harmonies, is truly touching. “Sail Away Sweet Sister” has all the makings of a hit if given the chance.

“Another One Bites the Dust”

Written by John Deacon, this song is driven by its funky bassline, which gives it an irresistible groove. The lyrics reflect a defiant spirit, with Freddie Mercury’s powerful vocals embodying a sense of not being held down. The clever production touches, courtesy of Reinhold Mack, prevent the song from becoming repetitive. Roger Taylor’s skillful drumming adds to its muscular yet swinging beat. “Another One Bites the Dust” stands as one of Queen’s greatest singles.