Stevie Nicks Share The “Mystery Man” That Saved Her Life

Stevie Nicks Share The “Mystery Man” That Saved Her Life | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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In a recent performance, iconic singer Stevie Nicks shared a captivating story from her past, shedding light on a mystery man who played a crucial role in safeguarding her during an early performance.

During her gig at the Fillmore Auditorium in 1970 in San Francisco, Nicks faced heckling and catcalling from an unruly audience member.

In a moment of unexpected intervention, a man took the stage and confronted the heckler with unwavering determination.

The mysterious savior proclaimed:

“I want you to get out of my fcking Fillmore and never fcking come back to this building ever. And if I ever see you again, I’ll kill you!”

Post-show revelations unveiled that the gallant defender was none other than Bill Graham, the renowned San Francisco concert promoter instrumental in launching the careers of music legends like the Grateful Dead and Janis Joplin.

Stevie Nicks’ Ties to San Francisco

Before establishing herself as a music icon, Nicks called San Francisco home for an extended period. This often overlooked fact comes in contrast to Fleetwood Mac’s more widely recognized association with Los Angeles’ Laurel Canyon.

Returning to San Francisco for a recent show at the Chase Center on December 15, Nicks, who relocated to the Bay Area during high school and attended San Jose State University, expressed a deep sense of connection:

 “This is where I would say, ‘Welcome, San Francisco,’ but I could just say, ‘I feel like I’m home.'”

Despite the band’s move to Los Angeles

Nicks still holds San Francisco close to her heart:

“My heart is still here. I lived here for about seven years, and had I not joined the band and went to LA I would still be living here.”

Closing the recent show with a heartfelt declaration of love for the city, Nicks eagerly anticipates her return to the place she still considers home.

“I love San Francisco, and I can’t wait to come back.”

Stevie Nicks’ reminiscence not only pays tribute to a “mystery man” who shielded her during a vulnerable moment but also underscores the enduring connection she maintains with the city that holds a special place in her heart.