Steven Tyler Loses Voice – Cancels Las Vegas Show

Steven Tyler Loses Voice – Cancels Las Vegas Show | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Aerosmith for their Vegas residency - cda733 / Youtube

After an extensive string of residency performances, Aerosmith had to cancel their September 26 show in Las Vegas due to Steven Tyler losing his voice.

In a humorous Twitter post, Tyler addressed the issue and announced the cancellation of their Park Theater at the Park MGM show, saying “I LOST MY VOICE… BUT I CAN’T TALK ABOUT IT. REFUNDS FOR THURSDAY 26TH OF SEPTEMBER’S CANCELED PERFORMANCE WILL BE ISSUED AT POINT OF PURCHASE. @Aerosmith #DEUCESAREWILD”.

For their Deuces are Wild Vegas residency, Aerosmith is slated to perform 14 more shows until the end of the year, with four in October, seven in November, and two in December.

On a guesting for the Eddie Trunk Podcast, Joe Perry shares,  “We really didn’t know what to expect when we came in here. We were talking to different people who have done it. I know that rock bands have come in and done two or three weeks, a month maybe, and what we saw was most bands would just kind of strip down their regular live show, bring in a little bit more production. And then we also saw… We looked at a lot of different shows — everything from ‘Love’ to David Copperfield to every other choice of acts on the Strip.”

Perry continued, “And we decided that if we were gonna do this, we were gonna make it be not just if you wanna see AEROSMITH, but if you wanna see a rock and roll band and have that kind of music. It’s like if you wanna go to see the ‘Love’ show and see THE BEATLES stuff taken apart and put together in a really amazing way, you go to that. If you wanna see magic, you go to see David Copperfield. If you wanna go to a Cirque Du Soleil show, there’s a number of ’em you can go to see. So we wanted it to be a little more than just for AEROSMITH fans. We wanted to have it so that even if you just had heard of us, maybe you’d come and you’d be entertained!”