Steven Tyler and Her Daughter Had A Bond Because Of Slipknot

Steven Tyler and Her Daughter Had A Bond Because Of Slipknot | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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The power of music to bridge generations and emotions is evident in the touching story shared by Mia Tyler, daughter of rock legend Steven Tyler. In a recent episode of the Bad Bad Babydad podcast, Mia revealed how Slipknot’s music played a crucial role in connecting with her father and opening up a deeper bond.

Born Mia Abagale Tallarico to Steven Tyler and Cyrinda Foxe in 1978

Mia’s journey of self-expression and connection unfolded through the tumultuous years of her parents’ separation. Reflecting on her emotions during that time, Mia shared:

“When I was feeling really like I wanted to express to my dad how I felt, and I didn’t know how to tell him, maybe my coming out of my emotions; the same way someone would come out… I was so scared to tell him that I was depressed and upset in life and that maybe he caused it and my mom him leaving me with all that stuff.”

In an effort to communicate her emotions, Mia turned to music, a language her father knew well. She chose Slipknot’s self-titled 1999 album, offering it to Steven Tyler as a window into her inner world:

“I didn’t know what to do, and the Slipknot album, the very first one, was just Slipknot. I gave it to him. I bought him a copy, and I said, ‘Listen to this if you want to understand how I feel. Listen to this and months went by.”

Steven Tyler’s reaction was profound:

“He just sat on with his Walkman, and he listened to the whole album and just cried in the woods. He called me, and he was like, ‘I’m so sorry,’ and like we had this whole thing,” shared Mia.

This emotional exchange became a catalyst for a more profound connection between father and daughter. The power of Slipknot’s music not only touched Steven Tyler but also facilitated a bridge for understanding and communication.

Mia even shared her story with Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor, revealing the impact the music had on her relationship with her father:

“He loves my dad, and it was like his world got flipped upside down. I was like, ‘You don’t know how much you helped me have a relationship and a bond with my dad.’ And that music is so heavy, and it was such a release because I was so upset and just so like just pissed off at life.”

Slipknot’s self-titled album, known for its aggression and chaos, played a pivotal role in this heartwarming story, demonstrating the profound impact music can have on familial relationships.