Steve Perry’s Trick To Attract Girls Revealed

Steve Perry’s Trick To Attract Girls Revealed | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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During a recent interview with BraveWords correspondent Greg Prato, Trev Lukather, son of Toto’s Steve Lukather, shared insights he gained from former Journey frontman Steve Perry on engaging audiences during performances. Lukather also delved into his musical inspirations and his latest endeavor, The Effect.

Steve Perry’s Impact on Trev Lukather’s Performance Approach

Trev Lukather revealed the influential role Steve Perry has played in his musical career since he was 20, saying,

“Steve Perry has been a mentor to me since I was 20. We still talk all the time, and he gives me solid advice. He said to me when I was trying to shred at 21, ‘Stop! What do you want in the front row? Guys or girls?’ I laughed and replied, ‘Girls, of course.’ He said, ‘Stop doing that and play the front row licks. Singing with your guitar is everything.’ Hence, why Neal Schon was a huge influence growing up listening to those Journey records.”

Perry’s advice aligns with a common performance strategy: to engage with the audience directly and ensure that they feel involved in the show. By playing to the front row and incorporating singing into his guitar work, Trev Lukather is able to establish a personal connection with the audience and create an engaging performance.

Trev Lukather also acknowledged the influence of other musicians, including Neal Schon of Journey, and his father-in-law Jonathan Cain, who is a member of Journey and a skilled songwriter. He spoke about his experiences working with Steve Perry on his former band Levara’s debut album, saying,

“After working with Perry on my last band, Levara’s debut album, I knew Steve had a lot to do with those legendary Neal Schon melodic solos, but you also can’t deny the feel behind Neal’s performance, feel, and tone. Now, my father-in-law [Jonathan Cain] has been so supportive with the help of pushing this band forward, and one of the best songwriters ever, so I’m very lucky to have had great relationships with a lot of the artists that have influenced me through the years.”


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The Birth of “The Effect”

Trev Lukather’s latest project, The Effect, is a collaboration with Phil Collins’ son, Nic Collins, and includes Toto’s Steve Maggiora on keyboards and newcomer Emmett Stang on vocals. The band recently released two songs, ‘Unwanted’ and ‘Something Wrong,’ and is looking forward to releasing a full-length album soon. The formation of The Effect was driven by Trev Lukather’s desire to create something new and meaningful, as he explained, “Last May is when I pulled the trigger to start what would become The Effect. It was an idea I was personally fighting to follow through with because of my last band experience. Nic, Em, and Steve are gems as people, not to mention how incredible they are at what they do. So, it turned into a song experiment which became ‘Unwanted.’ That proved to us that the creative energy was in full swing as well as personal connections as brothers.”

Trev Lukather’s departure from Levara in 2021 marked the end of one chapter and the beginning of another with The Effect. His willingness to learn from established musicians like Steve Perry and incorporate their advice into his performances shows his commitment to his craft and dedication to creating engaging and memorable music.

Steve Lukather’s son Trev Lukather’s shares Steve Perry’s advice on captivating audiences, which underscores the importance of creating a personal connection with the audience. His experiences working with Perry and other influential musicians have influenced and shaped his music career, leading to the formation of The Effect and the release of two powerful songs. The collaboration between Trev Lukather, Nic Collins, Steve Maggiora, and Emmett Stang on The Effect is a testament to the power of collaboration and the ability of musicians to create new and meaningful works of art.